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  1. its using 1 of your 2 cores at 100%. 1/2 x 100 = 50. This is because this is a single threaded application, and therefore can only be run on one core . Any single threaded application can only consume half of your processing power. So...everythings alright. Nice setup btw, quite similar to mine.
  2. Alright, finally got good cooling on my opti 165, and dual priming, ive got her stable at 2.6 (fx-60). Temps arent bad (48 max dual priming). I also have my g.skill memory going ddr 480 with decent timings, but my htt is 290, and therefore I am between 3x hypertransport (ldt) = 870 (ddr 1740) and 4x hypertransport = 1160 (ddr 2320). I do not know whether this will make any significant impact on my performance if I opt for 3x, or if this board can handle the 4x. Any info, opinions, or experienced very appreciated!
  3. Has anyone seen this stepping (week 36 specifically) theres alot of info on single core opti's, but not much on the duals. Just trying to give myself a reasonable goal. Thanks
  4. My bro's rig uses twinx 3200 c2pt (2x512), and hes getting 460 out of it, with only 2.8v, and timings 2.5 3 3 7. (memtest stable) And he hasnt pushed it yet (waiting for a new cpu cooler to push up htt). Hes got a lp ut ultra d with a 3800 x2 I guess you got a bum pair.
  5. I just got my new opteron 165, and here is the stepping...CCBWE 0536 MPMW And heres the story... I got an oem one from monarch, after a debacle with zzf, (im never ordering from them again), and page (but they werent a debacle). Monarch didnt have the cooler i ordered ( venus 12), but they overnighted my opteron, and gave me a free hs. However, the Hs is NOT even the stock 165 hs. It is stock for a 3800x2. That said, I still turned it up a lil. Shes running 2.25 on stock volts, in my new machine. Dfi LP Ultra D Gskill 2 x 1gb kit comming soon! Asus x850XT 2 x Seagate Barricuda 7200.8 Raid 0 ThermalTake Tsunami Dream Antec Smartpower 500 Im waiting for my new cooler and memory - my old corsair xms (not a matched pair) didnt get along with my mobo, so I only have one 512 in it. So...Ill update when my new mem comes. If anyone has my stepping, or has heard what it does, let me know!
  6. If im not mistaken, e4 is manchester (3800&4200&4600) and e6 is toledo(4400&4800). Some manchesters that are e6 are originally supposed to be toledos, but there was a cache problem, so half the cache is burned, making them manchesters. Either way, I have a toledo e6 (opti 165).
  7. I recently set up a new computer, using a few parts from my old one. One of these parts was a pair of Corsair DIMMs that were the same model number, but totally different versions ( i bought the second 512 later, so they are not matched). I was not able to boot the board with both of them in single or dual channel, getting 3 or 2 lights, and sitting there. I tried a new set of Corsair dimms that are matched, and they worked perfectly, but i had to give them back to their owner. I am currently running the newer of the two (v4.2) and it is stable, but considering the rest of my computer, the memory is pathetic. In games it just runs out of steam, having to page up to a gig. So...to the question. I am going to buy a new matched pair. I need 2 X 512, mildly (but dosent have to be wildly overclockable) I have a liking of corsair, but as I understand they dont always get along with the ultra d. I do not want to spend more than 140. I was thinking along the lines of OCZ, Geil, and G.Skill. Thank you for your help. Oh, and this is in a thermaltake tsunami dream, so if the ram could be good looking, thats def a plus.
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