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  1. I never got my nakey 0550 VPMW above 2.8ghz and its underwater, so yeah luck of the draw
  2. Most of the 170's I have used, and I've gone through 7 of them, have reached 2.6 with a little voltage increase 1.45v or so. Some of them required no extra volts. 2 of them topped out at 2.4Ghz. The 165's I've had did the same thing. Basically the age old statement is get the 170 if your ram is low specced stuff, so that you can use the multiplier. Get the 165 if you have really good ram (ie DDR500+) Personally my UCC does 250x10 just fine, and 2.5Ghz is perfect for my everyday use.
  3. Remember that with AMD64's the Memory controller is on the CPU. This means any changes to the controllers settings (IE secondary timings) can cause the controller to break, and send incorrect information to any of the cpus. This will be seen by you as a fault on one of the cpu's because it will be given incorrect information, do the calculation on it, and end up with incorrect information. Its a terrible cycle
  4. I don't know if this is the same on the Ultra-D, but definately on the Expert Maxtor drives caused errors to the point where DFI said it was a non-supported drive.
  5. Thanks H_G, I'm ordering from my suppliers here on wednesday. Will have a look at those crossfire sticks too, had ruled them out.
  6. Which ram from OCZ should I be purchasing to go along with my 6600? I'm being sneaky here and using the EVGA 680i board, so I've only got 2.5v to play with, I WOULD be using DFI if only they had a 680i board for me to play with!! Thanks guys
  7. Just thought I'd add my 2 cents. I have a raid 5 array of 4 7200.7 160gig HD's. The performance is on par with about 2.7 of the same drives in a raid0 array. However, the reason i have them is not performance (i have a raid0 of 2x36 raptors for that). My raid0 array has constant errors, despite me being particularly religious about cooling and defragging the drives. Its just payoff from using an onboard controller with 10k RPM drives. However my raid5 has been rocksolid. Even when one of the drives died mysteriously 2 months ago i was able to get another on warranty and replace it. You may think that having any sort of raid in this setup is stupid, i could just have 4 seperate 160 gig drives, and save myself losing 160gigs to parity information. However apart from the fact that I will sacrifice the 160gigs gladly for safety, its just EASIER to have the 4disks represented as one. And nobody in thier right minds would use JBOD arrays my 2 cents
  8. Yes single channel is easier on the memory controller as it dosen't have to deliver as much bandwidth.
  9. Have you tried installing windows with a single drive? It sounds like a Raid Error. If Nvidias media shield utility is as good in 64bit as it is in 32bit, then you should be able to: Install windows on a single drive (you don't need drivers for this), then use media shield inside windows to setup your raid0 array across the rest of the drives. I've heard this works fine.
  10. If you need OCZ in the future, you can contact a New Zealand supplier as we have no trouble with OCZ gear. On my 520W Powerstream im running a raid5 set of 4 drives, and a raid0 set of 2 drives, 6 drives + 7900GTX + Pump + ~30 watts worth of Fans. And it seems to be running just fine.
  11. If you have a fan blowing out of a sealed box, then air comes in from around the sides of the fan. Blowing air out of your case, with no intakes, is very inefficient, what you are effectively doing is pulling air in from around cracks and things. Your temperatures would be much lower with a push-pull config
  12. I would recommend the G5 from littleriverblocks if you can get it, otherwise the TDX dangerden block, silver > copper.
  13. Unless you are me, and you just drill holes in the top of your case and mount the pump and radiator on the top
  14. The thing is, the larger caps 470uF+ are usually all smoothing caps for the voltage lines, bigger caps = smoother rails, also if you happen to suddenly load your highly overclocked dual core CPU with something nasty, ie Prime95, then you'll get a voltage spike, and you'll want caps big enough to handle the sudden spike without worrying about it. I trust DFI has done it well enough, probably the caps would be 20% more than the maximum you would need, but I don't see why I can't go for 200% more After all, thats what its all about
  15. The digital voltage management is AWESOME. No more crappy capacitors to worry about, and heatsinking things will be MUCH easier. I personally see this is as a MASSIVE step foward. Gogo DFI, keep the air clearance at max
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