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  1. The temps, Like I said this is my first liquid cooling setup, but my temps at idle and load are very consistently about 10 degrees lower than they were with air which would make sense. I also see that big bump in temp when I reach the point of increasing vcore where the return is not worth it. Just based on my past experiences and feelings dealing with this same equipment in other boards, and the fact that my vcore is so steady, I think they are pretty accurate at least in my board. I also know from many of my past experiences with nf3 boards you usually see temps that are too high not too low, but hopefully we will get some information from angry or dfi. Peace
  2. Well, Once again I am simply amazed at how stable this board is. I am just messing about, but I was able to boot into windows at 290x10 at the sick voltage of 1.71 vcore. Prime95 instantly failed, but, it let me run the full 3dmark2001se suite no problem! Too hot though and too scary so I guess I don't have the worlds most overclockable cpu, but we shall see. At 1.52 it looks like the temp is maxed out at 38 degrees at 270x10 so I will run a torture test and see if i can get a decent 24 hours in. I have previously run this same cpu, memory, gpu etc in both an epox nf4ultra and my msi k8n, neither one would boot into windows at 2800, and i would constantly see flux in my cpu voltage, whereas the eXpert stays rock steady at whatever I set the vcore at in bios. Here are some preliminary screenies for your review
  3. Hmm, Does look a bit spooky, but mine doesn't look like that thankfully . I am currently priming my board at 270x10 at 1.5 vcore. Got to go shopping for christmas now but Ill keep people updated.
  4. My powerstream, which you already mentioned, has both the 4 pin and the 8pin. Just go to some of the review sites for hardware, Insanetek, X-bit labs, etc and read up on PSU's they should have the information in there. As far as the margin of error, what he means there is going to be a plus or minus difference everytime you run the test, even with the exact same components. I usually use the option to run each test three times as it gives you an average, this is much better to use when comparing different equipment or timings. What you also have to understand, is that in 3dmark03 or 05 your cpu speed and memory timings have literally almost zero impact on your score unless they are SLOWING things down, its all about the gpu. If you want to benchmark cpu speed increases with 3dmark you have to use 2001SE, if you used that you wouldn't see your cpu doing better at a lower oc. The dual core cpu's do not have any advantage over single core in gaming unless you are using the latest nvidia drivers which take advantage of dual core. In bencghmarking you could probably get higher scores with a single core cpu at the same speed on your set up, however in reality, with a dual core cpu when someone msn's you during bf2, or you are playing fear at 2am and your virus scan kicks in, or you minimize CS:S to log onto ventrilo, thats where you see that big fat advantage with the dual core because no longer will it be fragging up your game :cool: Peace
  5. WOW! Thats what I have to say about the stability of this board so far. This is my first DFI board since my old nf3250 which is now powering my wife's pc :nod: I am just beginning to tweak and it will be a long process but right now I am at 2508 (228x11) at DEFAULT VOLTAGE (1.3v). I just moved from an MSI k8n Neo4, in which my max overclock was around 2700, but that was at around 1.55 vcore, to get where i am now on my eXpert I would have had to be upping the vcore already on my MSI. The temp issue I can't comment on as I was using a Zalman CNPS-9500 and waiting to get this board to install my liquid cooling system. My idle temps are around 21c idle and 30c load (load meaning a dual prime 95 torture test) I have no experience with liquid prior to now so I have no clue if that seems accurate . My previous idle temps on this cpu with the zalman were about 30 idle and 42 load so I would say it is probably accurate. I will keep people updated on my oc once the holidays pass. Peace
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