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  1. wow, thnx for the fast reply's, you guys helpt a lot
  2. Hi guys, i'm a bit confused, i'm looking for new memory for my nforce4 ultra-d and i always thought that the max memory i can get for my board is pc3200 dual @ 400. on several sites i see now pc4000 etc as ddrI, not ddrII is it possible to use these for me? and is it worth the money i extra spend? thnx peter
  3. now only a 120mm fan outtake, maybe best to get 2x 120 mm with rpm control
  4. in pwm area i have 52°C (127F)under stress and 47(115) idl, is that not a bit high? no oc.
  5. i'm not sure what kind of memory i got it's class 3, in memtest i see 2.5-3-3-8 i'm using the orange slots.
  6. the last 3 days i'm trying to get at least some overclokking going for me, but whatever i try (even whit the guide posted here) as soon i change a setting my pc keeps starting up before os. my problem is i think my memory what memory should work good on my system? should be 2GB i think thnx
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