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  1. Some small world, I live raanana.... (I also live in beer sheva- which explain the high temps). Anyway, I will check the cooling although I don't want to add any coolings unless I have too. My air flow is fair, even if I open the case and put a large fan (ventilator) in front of the pc, the temp drops just to 51... Are these temps dangerous? Do I have to replace the cooling?
  2. Hello, I have a Lanparty UP NF4 Ultra-D. My chipset temp reaches 58c and my pwm-ic to 52 I put 2 80mm fans towards the ram and mofsets so I got the pwmic reduced from 62 to 52. Are these temps OK? (I live in a worm place and it can reach 36c-40c air temp) Thanks!
  3. Thanks, Should I try to attempt to update the bios again?
  4. Thanks for answers!! I cleared the cmos (switched the computer off for half an hour). I switched the jumper back to normal and the computer boots normally. Can I load the setting from my CMOS RELOADED? the seem to be in tact. Should I try to update the bios again? is there a special procedure to updating the bios? I don't want anything like this happening again... It took a few years from my life (ONLY DFI for me from now on :nod: )
  5. Hello, I've just updated my Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D bios using winflash to the Revision A 2006/04/06 Bios. The update was successful (at least that's what winflash wrote), but after I restarted the computer, and the system won't boot (blank screen and hard drive and cd-rom flashing occasionaly). I tried to power off the computer but it didn't help. I switched the "Clear CMOS" jumper and the computer booted. Then I switched the jumper back to normal- but it won't boot again. Now the jumper is on "CLEAR CMOS". What do I do now? Sorry for the long post and Thanks!
  6. Hello! I'm finally buying a new receiver(amplifier). I want to connect my new amp to my DFI Lanpraty. As far as I know it will be best to connect it is through the SPDIF port. Can anyone tell me what kind of port I need to have on my amp to connect my board (SPDIF) to it? what will give me the best sound quality? Thanks!!!!
  7. Anyone? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  8. Thanks for the reply! As I said I have 2 80mm fans cooling the ram, they deliver some air to the mosfet, but they are not directly pointed at it. since I installed the fans my PWM IC temp was lowered from 52C to 36C. I'm planning to use it 24/7 but most of the time it won't be in full load. what do you recommend?
  9. Hello, After moving then jumper which allows more than 3.2V to the ram, this part of the ram (look at the attached photo. I'm not sure but I think it's the ram mosfet :confused: ) is running extremely hot under full load (few minutes in memtest #5) so it's not touchable for more than a second without getting a burn Is this normal? (My ram is cooled by 2 80mm fans) Thanks for your help!!!
  10. Well, as much as I know CPU burn in, can help stabilize your cpu at a certain voltage and speed, but its very minimal. However some ram chips can improve OC performance after a burn in- look at this for example: http://www.vr-zone.com/?i=2179&s=3
  11. Thanks! I applied your settings, and it improved my "memory write" at almost 20%!!! (didn't change "memory read and latency) any more suggestions? here are my updated timings... Thanks!!!
  12. I tried but it generates 4000 errors in memtest..... Anything else?
  13. Thanks for the quick reply! I tested with everest (read,write,latency). Any other idea for a change? my ram seems to accept everyhing!!! :nod: here are my current settings:
  14. Thanks, but it improved my "memory write" speed but reduced everything else can I trust the synthetic benchmarks? I'd be happy to hear some more suggestions...
  15. Hello, after getting some help for cooling my ram from you guys I set it now to ddr (252*2=504) on a 180MHZ divider (9/10) (cpu at 2520MHZ). I can take the ram higher but there isn't a 190MHZ divider... Anyway my ram is working at 2-2-2-5 and I can tighten the timings even more... Will it be effective? How can I maximize my ram timings? Can I trust the synthetic benchmarks (everest, sandra) to point at my REAL performance? Thanks a lot!!! Really appreciate your help! My ram modules are Twinmos Speed Premium 3500 (New BH5)
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