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  1. I did read most of it today actually must have not gotten to the RAM part though
  2. Just wondering if its best to have your RAM set to all the fastest settings and o/c it as much as you can or to lower all the settings and try to reach the highest clock speed? Spent awhile getting my RAM to the fastest timings and pretty much all the fastest settings in the expert bios for RAM at 440mhz but wondering if its worth trying clockspeed at all?
  3. ive had no problems with my 4pin truepower 2 as of yet, still waiting for a decent PSU to be available over here :/ would I be causing any damage or future issues using the truepower 2 550?
  4. I have the exact same RAM it wouldnt get into windows with 1T with all options set to auto After I fiddled with all of the settings following the guide on this website I set it back to 1T again for a test run and it runs fine 440mhz 2 2 2 5 and 1T
  5. well I recently ditched the dfi nf3 mobo for the expert and my temps are reg'd at 25c also and barely budge, this is definately wrong as my nf3 registered 40-50c with an 3000 64 o/c'd which seems much more reasonable is this going to be fixable at all? I cant see how a bios update could fix it seems more like dodge sensors the nf3 was probably the first board ive ever had that read the temps correctly
  6. There was no options to keep the fan going just lower the response temp to 25 which is not low enough My other main concern is the temp reader is absolutely stuffed theres no way my cpu is 25c even under load gonna be tricky to overclock not knowing my temps Thanks for the help i'll hook it up another way as suggested
  7. mines at 24-25 constantly so having to use fan 2 to keep max fan speed :/
  8. When I first turned the PC on after installing the expert and a 7800gtx it posted then the CPU fan turned off after spinning up So assumed thats not good turned it off and plugged CPU fan into Fan2 port and it stayed on this time, checked BIOS and realised the stupid setting they put in for the CPU says it will turn off if the CPU is 25c or less. Well obviously the temp is not reading properly as it idled at 40c on my nf3 mobo. Is there anyway of ditching that stupid fan control setting? I would prefer to have my CPU fan in the cpu port and the fan2 port also doesnt speed up properly when you first turn the PC on. 25c is the lowest temp I can set it to and the CPU core is reading at 25c constantly?
  9. all the A list ones are pretty much impossible to get here in aust theres a 3 month wait on the top 3
  10. I read everything there really wasnt much to read everybody has told me it would be ok with this PSU but now im guessing I will go the upgrade as I will be o/c'n it heaps
  11. the yellow leaflet in the box said I could use the 4pin instead of 8pin if its single sli?? im lost :shake:
  12. would the Antec TruePower 2.0 550w non EPS be ok for running the expert sli-dr with only one 7800GTX? :confused:
  13. yeh I thought that is where it was crashing when it hit the LAN drivers but it was a bit fast to notice, will skipping the lan drivers allow it to work or is it best just to diable the nic first anyway?
  14. Just wondering if anyone had problems with the new nforce3 chipset drivers 5.11? I tried to install them it caused the PC to reset and windows wouldnt boot at all in any mode, it reset it about half way through installation. Set computer to defaults again so it wasnt overclocked and reinstalled windows and it just did the same thing... any ideas? Obvious answer is just dont install them but sucks if I can't even use the latest drivers.
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