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  1. Just wondering if anyone has had any issues with the Corsair TWINX2048-3500LLPRO sticks and the DFI nf4 expert mobo? Decided that 4x 512 is gonna cause issues by the looks of other posts so gonna upgrade to 2x1gb but its damn expensive so wana make sure they will run well first :nod:
  2. had no issues with running 4 pin on mine yet allthough I will be getting 8 pin ASAP o/c'd better on this board than mine nf3 aswell
  3. Well we all have a bunch of different CPU's and we all get pretty much the same readings so I don't even see why they are bothering to stuff around with testing CPU's. Just fix the damn mobos I've hit close to 40c from 25c idle on a hot aussie day so im kinda wondering what the real temp was now... an 800mhz overclock on a CPU is just scary with no temp monitor and 1.6v Even more annoyed that I just spent ages writing a message to their techs then got a database error on their website and lost my message :shake:
  4. I think its pretty obvious its a fault with the motherboard, the annoying thing about all this is its their best motherboard out at the moment I spent over $100 extra on this mobo over the other manufacurers just because I want to overclock and now I have to blindly overclock my CPU hoping its not too hot :mad: I've tried all temp monitoring progs they all give 25c and even when the temp does rise I dont think the fluctuation is read properly either
  5. yeh the newest patch has somehow rooted the textures, mine was sweet before now 2gb is the only way to stop lag, cant imagine how bad it would be with 512
  6. how can it be to do with the CPU when it worked fine on my old motherboard?
  7. no conflicts :/ same issue with new drivers, must just be ram or cpu causing it I guess :
  8. works great so far downloading the audigy 4 iso though as my apps dont seem to work with it
  9. awesome not sure if they will work with an audigy 2 value though I hear they have different chips and cant be softmodded usually :/
  10. where can I get the Fi ones I can only find SB Live would they work with an Audigy Value though?
  11. havent touched the PCI bus could be drivers I am using the beta openal ones at the moment they did increase stability with my old mobo though, i'll try the drivers you mentioned the sound sure is extra crappy through the onboard :nod:
  12. After overclocking my PC I got to a point where 3dmark 03 would crash at the sound test and cause loops. Also had issues with Bf2 doing the same thing causing the same kind of loops with a screeching sound. I figured it must have been the limit of my ram or cpu causing it but after a few days of what I figured were stable settingss it started happening at the lower speeds. So I removed the Audigy 2 Value and used the onboard sound to test it and I have been able to set it a few more mhz up with no sound issues at all so far... Would o/c'n the HTT so far cause the PCI slot to crash the PC because of the sound card?? Anybody else had similar problems with this? :confused:
  13. cool thanks I think 2x 1gb sounds like the go extra cash is better than a headache
  14. anyway I can confirm this before I blow a tonne of cash on more RAM? :shake:
  15. yeh 333 is about right for 4 modules it seems :/ can you set the dividers to 333 and crank the FSB? thats what im wondering about at the moment as I want to add more RAM
  16. yeh thats true except lose a bit of cash in the process :/
  17. yeh seems like these motherboards dont like to get out of bed unless tweaked extra hard
  18. so i'm guessing to be safe we should add 15c onto any temp after a full day of memtesting in hot aussie heat I hit 35c so yeh 50c sounds about right I guess :/
  19. underclock the RAM with dividers and see if it still happens 3.6v is gonna cause some heat have you tried o/c'n them individually to see isolate it instead of cranking them both and just upping the voltage?
  20. I want to upgrade my 2x Twinx 512 to 4x Twinx 512's but I'm reading alot of issues with running 4 modules. Having to run at 333 can you still crank the FSB to get the speeds back up or is that limited with 4 modules? Would I be better off getting 2x 1gb sticks or doesnt it matter really overall?
  21. wat other settings did you play with? I have 3200XL, crazy thing is with the default settings on the expert I had major issues for the first few boots after twiddling with settings I now have everything on the fastest timings overclocked and on best performance options and its totally fine?? up the voltage aswell maybe?
  22. coming straight from nf3 same setup used to idle at 38-40 now idles at 24-25 so thats about 15c off :/ dont even wana stress test mine with this damn sensor bug either :confused:
  23. how about the Silverstone ST60 600w PSU's? they look nice as you can detach unwanted cables plus they are the only ones available soon over here
  24. yeh im sitting at 292x9 2.6ghz at 1.6v and RAM at 1.84v after some tweaking today bit scared though seeing as I cant measure the cpu temp grr, seems stable though no crashes in BF2 which is very sensative whith the new crappy patch I dont think I will bother with max RAM clock seems like theres not much of a boost over my max clock with best timings, sounds like a 2.0L Turbo car vs a V8
  25. Sorry its 2x 512 they are TCCD sticks, im pretty impressed with how they run on tight timings and I have a feeling I can clock them fairly high just wondering if its worth the effort Im allready at DDR440 with all the fastest settings any higher and I get corrupted graphics in POST though, by the looks of the results of the above post it doesnt seem worth it really but Im hoping I get can get much more than 466 All voltages are stock except the RAM I set to 2.8v I do have to up the vcore if I divide the RAM again and up the CPU but dont run it at that until the temp reader in BIOS is fixed
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