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  1. Well yet again my stock DFI fan has died. I lubed her up a few times but now I think I will just replace it. I'm not gonna bother with getting a replacement from DFI as they just sent me the same fan last time my DFI NF3 fan died and it died even faster than the last. Anyone know a good fan and heatsink that can be secured properly onto the DFI NF4 expert chipset?

  2. well Ive spent 5 days on settings etc and getting advice from OCZ and every other forum around

    nothing works at DDR500 at all not even the absolute loosest timings plus I certainly would not settle for that anyway I could have spent $200 less for performance like this


    huge waste of time and money so far and OCZ just want me to send them to the US for testing from Oz so thats like a month downtime on my PC, no chance of that its my work PC

  3. Just upgraded to some OCZ Platinum EB PC4000 2GB and so far nothing but headaches :confused:


    at 250mhz games and 3d benchmarks are distorted really badly and its that distortion you get when you o/c ya video card memory too much so I know its gotta be the RAM


    My old RAM still works fine and my system runs way more o/c'd normally than it is at 250mhz HTT I usually have it at 290


    Well the RAM seems ok at 200mhz 2-3-3-6 but I certainly didnt pay $500AU for that :shake:


    The OCZ guys havent responded as of yet but does anyone know what could be causing it?


    Ive tried the suggested settings from the OCZ forum and many many others but nothing at 250 works


    voltage is at 2.7v

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