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  1. That's actually quite cold for an air cooler on a video card. My X1900XT is idling at 37 C with water cooling, with the ambient temp at 69 F .
  2. Someone I know just got an M1330 with the LED screen, and she loves it. I'll have to go take a look tomorrow .
  3. Did you get the standard LCD or the LED backlit one?
  4. Yeah, I wouldn't buy the 6800XT, too much money for an 8-pipe card running at relatively low speeds. The 2600XT looks like a nice card for the money though .
  5. I tried XP x64 once back in 2005, and the only driver I couldn't find at the time was the WDM driver for my old 7800's video in functionality (maybe my printer as well, but I never print so I don't give a crap ). The driver situation then was a lot worse than now, so you should have good luck getting everything running.
  6. I've noticed the same thing. Back when I started ordering from them in 2003, most of the orders I made shipped the same day, regardless of if I used rush processing or not. If I did use it, it usually was shipped out before 1 PM (I think one order shipped out at like 7:43 AM ), otherwise it was closer to 5-6. Now most of my orders take a day or two to ship. The rush processing still seems to speed it up a bit, I think the last time I used it they shipped my parts the same day. I'm guessing that their rise in popularity has put some extra strain on the retrieving/shipping part of the company...
  7. It does slowly dissolve copper, but it's usually only an issue if you leave it in there for way too long. I left vinegar in mine for an hour and it was slightly tinted blue when I poured it out.
  8. Holy crap, almost 2 volts on a 45nm chip is nuts. I've only taken my Athlon XP up that high for a few minutes once!
  9. That's odd, I don't think I've had any error messages from the game, just lockups when I was having issues with my laptop's memory. I hope they improve texture loading whenever a patch comes out though.
  10. Just confirmed it with my Lite-On LH-20A1L drive w/unofficial BL05 firmware, it sounds kind of like an old crappy floppy drive. It does work after a few seconds. It seems to work normally with my LG GDR-8164B reader. I have a Samsung reader in one of my spare machines, I'll have to go try it in that sometime...
  11. I highly doubt the CCC would have a manual voltage setting, but ATiTool does. Click the Settings button then select Voltage Control from the drop down menu.
  12. Just for the record, all of the LEDs go dark when it begins booting an OS. Since you cleared CMOS, it's sitting at the CMOS checksum error message and that would probably be why there's 1 lit LED. Pressing Escape should let it boot up.
  13. Another good hardware RAID card is the 3ware 9650SE-4LPML. It's PCIe and handles up to 4 hard drives. I'm pretty sure it'll do a dual RAID 0 setup as well. I've had one since August and it's a pretty fast card, although I'm only running a RAID 1 setup on it. I may switch to RAID 5 in the future though.
  14. Haha, what a cool dad . How is the hard drive working for you? I got the 200 GB model for my laptop to replace my older 100 and it's quite an improvement. Quieter, faster, cooler, and less power draw than the old one .
  15. It's normal for the fan to slow down a few seconds after turning the computer on. Were you able to install XP again?
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