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  1. I been reading through the A64 OC Guide in the last few day, been testing my X2 4400+ for the CPU MAX and I can only get to FSB/HTT 227, 2.5Ghz. I'm using water cooling for my Cpu and Gpu, Temps is around 48-51C when full load and Vcore 1.64! I would like to know that if I can get higher CPU Max for my 4400??? Or that's really the max for my CPU??? Do I need better water cooling system or should I add more Voltage for my CPU??? Can anyone help me out on overclocking my CPU, I'm new in overclocking that's y I've got so many questions to ask, hehe!! Plx help me out!!! I'm stuck!! Thanks very much to everyone!!!
  2. What torture test should I pick to find my cpu max??? Small FFTs, In place large FFTs, Blend or Costom???? And do I leave all my ram setting in auto for finding cpu max? Plx help!!!! Lots of thanks!!!
  3. :confused: I have been going through the A64 guide using SuperPI or OCCT to find the max of my CPU but I can only use one core of the X2 which is 50% CPU useage!! What should I do with the X2?? How to find the CPU MAX??? Are there any OC guide for the X2???I am using Geil ddr600 and running at ddr400, how can I get it to 600??? Plx everyone help me out, I'm stuck!! :drool: Thanks
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