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  1. Well I know that Windows will only show 2gb unless you use the /3gb switch(google it). It uses 2gb for processes, and the other 2 for the kernel. If you use the switch, it gives you 3 and keeps 1 to itself. Not sure about the mobo though.
  2. In what way does that apply to me? I don't even have an expert or venus board.
  3. The problem obviously isn't speedfan. You'll notice that I said that my computer would not power off after the glitch. Overclock: 2754 MHz FSB: 306 Multi: 9.0 VCore: 1.62(or something close to that. CPU-Z doesn't show what I have in BIOS) Memory: 275MHz, 3-4-4-8, 9/10 divider.
  4. I've asked about this before, but its been a while, so I figure I might ask again. Here's what happens every once in a while. It's rare, but it happens, and I can't seem to find what triggers it: First, my rig goes into a hard freeze. Can't move the mouse, can't do anything. Only thing I can do is press the reset button. It reboots, and speedfan gives me a little message that says "bla bla bla sensors detected". This doesn't happen on regular boot. Then speedfan shows every temp as -99. I try rebooting to fix it, and it doesn't work. I then try to shut down. Windows shuts down, but the computer does not. Therefore, I have to switch the PSU off, and back on. I then boot it up again, get the temperature sensor bubble, and it's fine. I thought it might've been my PSU, but I bought a new one, and it has happened even with the new one. I figure it's the mobo due to the temperature sensor problem. I'm using OCZTony's 704-2bta BIOS. I'd try a different one, but I wouldn't know if it fixed it or not, because this happens every few weeks at the most.
  5. Here's what happens: Speedfan will either show -99c as the temp, or freeze on a certain temp. I'll then reboot to see if it fixes. It doesn't fix. I try to shut down completely. Windows shuts down, but my fans still spin, and all four mobo lights are lit. I then switch off the PSU, switch it back on, boot up, and it's fixed. I originally thought that this was a PSU problem. I got a PSU, and now it happened again. It doesn't occur frequently, just once in a while. [Edit] BIOS is 704-2bt
  6. I suspect this power supply as a cause of some minor instability, so I got a digital multimeter. 12v reads 12.26, 5v reads 5.28. Is this too high, and if so, could it be the cause of instability?
  7. This is the second time. If it happens again, I'll tell my dad, he'll buy me a new power supply, and then I'll feel pretty guilty about it until I can push my overclock to 3ghz.
  8. Thanks RGone, but a little update. I tried to shut down the computer. There was nothing on the monitor, but all the fans were still running. I hit the PSU switch, because it wouldn't turned on. So I hit the switch again, booted up, and everything is fine. Is this a PSU problem, or still a mobo problem?
  9. My temp sensors are suddenly showing -99c in Speedfan, and -128c in BIOS. I've rebooted a number of times, but I'm not sure what to do. It doesn't seem safe that I don't know my temp while running my computer. I'm running TonyOCZ's latest BIOS.
  10. My front audio cable can barely reach the sound module. After reseating my heatsink today, I decided it wasn't worth it to plug it in, because I never use front audio. Now my sound doesn't work. To plug the front audio back in I'll have to take out my exhaust fan and it'll probably take me a while to manage to get the plugs onto the right pins(the block connector doesn't reach). Shouldn't it still work, even if I don't have the front audio plugged in?
  11. Didn't help. By the way, if something like prime is running in the background when I leave, it doesn't freeze. Only when nothing is running at all and I'm not using it for a while, it freezes.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's actually not a hardware problem, because it only happens when the computer goes idle, not when I'm using it. Also, what does my network adapter have to do with it?
  13. Every time my rig goes idle, e.g. when I go to sleep, go to school, leave the house for a few hours, it freezes. If the monitor is off, then it will turn back on and the power LED on it will just blink. If it was on, the screen will just be a still image, and I can't move the mouse. I've looked through the Power Management set up, and I'm pretty sure that something is powering down that can't power back up, but I can't find what the setting is. Also, if this is just one setting I have to change, is it normal?
  14. How do I control the fans that are plugged into molex's on my motherboard? I tried speedfan, but it doesn't do anything. Also, both the BIOS and speedfan are only detecting one of my case fans, yet both are spinning fine... Thanks.
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