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  1. Cool. Yeah it's up now it appears so I'll go check that out. Thanks :nod:
  2. Cool I'll check out the DB again. I don't think I anyone really with same Board CPU and Memory though (not that it makes a difference, but sure it helps some). All I did from the Time I woke up at 8 am till about Midnight- 1am I was Checking Max of my CPU. Well with the Voltage I wanted. But I might have tried higher with no success. Don't remember. Tested prime while sleeping. Started on Memory today and was going by some settings I've seen in other posts. Max. out at 260 and I've seen people hit 280 with these. Well Gonna go check DB out. I'm actually trying to get to this site to check it out, but it's down for me. EDIT: BTW, If my RAM does max out at 260, Does that mean I'll only beable to OC to 2600Mhz since my CPU Multi max is only 10x? Or are there other settings I can change?
  3. Well kept reading stickies untill I got the basics of it. When I tested CPU to get Max I got to 3000Mhz SuperPI32M, OCCT, 7 hours Prime Stable. Working on Ram now. Actually not able to get as high as quite a few people have been getting. My G.Skill seems to max out at about [email protected] 2.7V Tried various combinations with the CAS, tRCD, tRP, tRAS Anyone know of any other way to squeeze alittle more outta these?
  4. Yeah I know. I guess I'm just eager to get into this. Sorry. And honestly if I post something here and then post the exact same thread at OCforums I get twice as many replies there (although me being a member since 2001 might help), But Since I am a New DFI board owner and these aren't basic motherboards I would like to become more of a member here. The first thing I actually did was run memtest (well the one that is intergrated into board). But I did actually cancel it after an hour and 45 mins of running. So I will do again. Or do I only test after I have started OCing? Well sorry for being snappy and I'm going to get back to the Stickies. Also how far can I OC my RAM before I need some sort of Active cooling for them?
  5. Wow I can't just get 1 setting to start with? I'm reading the Stickies again as I type this to help better understand. But I guess I am in for hell then, becuase I have a problem comprehending some things in those stickies. I wasn't asking for someone to tell me everything. I was just asking a Good basic place to start. But that's cool if you don't want to give any advice then don't. In fact don't post at all. So if nobody would like to give me a clue on what setting to start at, then that's cool. I guess you guys just aren't as friendly as the crews over at OCforums and [H].
  6. LMAO.... the Power cable? I put the Floppy cable notch into the notched area. Is it hurting it? I am formating HDD and installing windows now so I can't turn off yet. Thanks
  7. Well I have finally recieved all my parts and finished modding my case and heatercore for cooling. I just got done putting my System together and am formating the HDD and getting ready to install windows. Does anyone know why my FDD light is staying on? Also where should I start with OCing? Should I install a few Stability programs first? What do you guys suggest? When I do start OCing I am going to start OCing my RAM and finding the Max. Now what setting or settings do I start changing on the nF4 Ultra-D for memory? Is it just 1 setting? Do I up ram as far as I can untill it's unstable? Then do I up Voltage or do I lower and then work on cpu? I've read the Stickies in this forum and acouple other forums, but that stuff is too technical for me right now and I don't understand it too well. Any help here?
  8. I do plan on OCing. Is the Bios that comes with board good enough? Is there a bios that is more widely used than others?
  9. What Bios should I install? Do I just leave it Factory? Or do I automatically update to latest bios? Or do I just try some and see what works? I have a Opteron 146, nf4 Ultra-D, and 2GB G.Skill. Does anyone have any Suggestions on what Bios to use? I already have downloaded Tmods CD, but don't know where I should Start? Is there anyone out there with a similar setup as me?
  10. XS has it's own G.Skill board with G.Skill Techs.
  11. I went with the G.Skill. From what I've read it is Awesome RAM for price/performance. Come on $199 for 2GB of it? But the OCZ isn't much more it seems AFTER the Rebate of course. Even though you have to wait like 8-10 weeks. Just to use the Rebate for gas. But tough choice. Like I said I went with the Cheaper...because I'm cheap.
  12. Yeah that's cool. I'll probably do that with monitor. I'll probably be asking a few questions to when I get Mobo to help me O/C. But I've read enough articles that I should be ok, but there's always something.
  13. Well I finally recieved money to purchase the rest of my rig (which was the majority of it). I ordered a DFI Ultra-d from Chiefvalue, OCZ PS 520 from Axiontech, G.SkillPC4000-Hitachi250SATAII-eVGA7800GT from Newegg. The only thing I am worried about is the Monitor. I bought a Refurb. off ebay and I know some people told me not too, but if you guys would look at it and let me know what you think? He had good feedback and seemed to have good warranty policy. So what do you guys think? Did I get screwed? Here it is Well it seemed like a good deal and I thought I read some pretty good things on those monitors (although I can't find where now). Well It's been about 5 years since I had a new PC and about 8 years since I had a new monitor. So I'm siked. And unfortunately I am only computer geek out of my friends. So none of them give a rats butt. Well just wanted some input I guess and a bit excited. I'm rdy for a week or so of O/Cing this bad boy. Thanks
  14. Well I finally have cash to finish buying pc parts. Should I just wait till after Xmas? Or do the deals not come till after 1st of New Year? Are there even bargains to be found on pc hardware after Xmas at places like Newegg, Monarch,Directron,Chiefvalue? Never went shopping for pc parts right after Xmas before so was sure if there were deals to be found. Well one of the things I want to get is the eVGA 7800 GT. There's a $20 MIR plus I can get Quake 4. So I'm not sure If I should get that or not now So do I Buy Now, or Wait? What I need to get is Mobo, Vid. card, Memory, HDD(s), PSU, Monitor, and a Keyboard and Mouse
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