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  1. K thnx for the qiuck reply m8 I read al lot good of experience about this fan, if i only could get a evercool here in the netherlands i would have taken that one but this will do the job i think ( hope )
  2. Got myself a Vantec Iceberq ( Vantec Iceberg 4 CCB-A4C VGA Cooler with Blue LED and the Vantec CCB-A1C ) today, i am going to install it saterday. @ first i wanted the Forcetake but it is going to take long before it is here in the Netherlands to arrive so the vantec has to do the job. Anyway before installing we have to mod the cooler for the mounting. But i still got a question about the cooler: some people use foam and some dont, is this really necessary or can i do it without the foam ? And if i have to use foam, wich foam is best ( for example can i reuse the chipset fan foam from the original one ? ) or where can i get this ( srry for the noob question ) grt ps: does the iceberq has speed regulator on it ?
  3. really dont know how it got installed want to buy it myself so have now experiance with it
  4. then buy the forcetake cooler @ performance-pcs its a little tricky to install but heard it works with almost every bord
  5. well sdat1333 here you go, looks good! grt
  6. we got a company here in the netherlands wich can make the ones GXP345 but that is here in Holland. ill try to look for you. grt
  7. well make your own like GXP345 did but this requers some tools to do this I myself is trying to get my hand on a Borg NF4, know one who is close to mcubed ( he told me about the cooler )and i send him a mail yesterday so i can hear more about the cooling performance (Still havent got a mail back ) grt
  8. Mcubed-tech look @ passive coolers ( this is @ the shop link to productview i cant find srry ) grt
  9. What about this cooler I like it ( big but it does the Job ) dont know if it will fit tho with a dfi expert ( dont know the height because havent got mine installed yet ) Specification: Mounting holes: 55-85mm Material: Aluminium, black anodised Weight: 400g Bridgecooler: 21*36*36mm (HxWxD) Passivcooler: 26*85*120mm (HxWxD) Heatpipes: 7,5*150mm, Copper
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