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  1. Yeah, I'm gonna wait for this to be fixed before I oc this baby
  2. Hi All, I just got my DFI Expert board yesterday Everything is running fine with my Opty 165. One thing I want to ask is anyone out there having problems with the CPU temp sensor being out? According to Smartguardian my cpu temp was 30'c @ full load (both cores) but when I had the opty in my Asus Sli Deluxe, full load was around 55-58'c! Now my ambient temps are pretty high as I'm in the tropics.. often around 28-30'c. At the moment with the cpu idle its reporting 23'c!!! the ambient is around 29'c!!! something is definitely wrong here. I have asked some other Expert owners and they seem to have the same problem with temps being too low. Anyone experiencing the same problem? Thanks Willz
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