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  1. I know the two sets have different voltage ranges, but I am using the same voltage i ran my Mushkin at before, 2.8. WHen i get home from work i can post all my timings.
  2. DUDE, that worked! I don't even know what those setting are. Thank you so much! edit: Aww, once i starting turning up the FSB the same thing started happening. It returned around 280. But i have never gotten it to boot at a lower divider before
  3. I know its a little faux pas to run two different stick like that but like i said it runs stable as is right now and didnt show any differences with one pair or both together. I'm sorry but i dont understand why it would need a more powerfull PS to run at a lower speed, i wouldnt be suprised though becuase this doesnt make any sense anyway. If i have the optortunity i will try a different PS.
  4. I have tried both the 702tba or whatever its called and the 4/06
  5. This problem has been bugging me ever since i got my new Opteron 170 about a month ago. I have hit a wall with my memory at the 5:6 divider but it seems like there is nothing i can do to make it boot on a a divider lower than that. Every time I try a lower one, 7:10 , 2:3 , etc it usualy gets to where it says 'Verifing the DMI pool' then sits there for a while and eventually restarts. Could this be a MB issue and not memory? RIght now i am using 2x512 Mushkin Redline and a 2x1GB OCZ Platnum @ 270x10 5:6=~225, and it doesnt seem like they want to go much higher than that. I have relaxed the latency to 3-4-4-8 from 2-3-2-6(i think). HTT is at 3x. I have tried take the 2x512 out thinking it was the mixmatched ram causing the problems but i still could not get it to go lower. Thanks for your help!
  6. those are dual 12V rail powersupplys, so that would make it 36A and 44A total edit, maybe not; mine is 460W purepower and has 30A on the 12V. wierd
  7. What configuration will result in the least bus noise using the analog out?
  8. Im using my headphones right now, with all sound muted and i i can hear this low noise in the background. The wierd thing is that it changes as i do things in Windows. Like if I drag a window or do some clicking or whatnot i can actually hear different noises in my headphones. And this is while the sound is muted. I can even hear it looking in the BIOS as i look at different settings. Each time i press a key on the keyboard i hear a little blip. Realizing this i decided to see if the other ports did this. So i enable 4ch sound and i plug my headphones into the rear channel jack. No more noise. Besides the noise difference i hear a large cut in the overall volume in comparision to the line out jack. If i plug it back in the line out i get all the noise back. This is really annoying. Has this happened to anybody else? Any suggestions? I am concidering RMA'ing becuase this isnt acceptable.
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