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  1. Ok this is weird I can pass 3DMark05, 3DMark01SE, Super PI 32M, OCCT 30min Test, 25 Passes of Memtest86+, 24 Hour Prime95 OC to 2640 at 1.65V with my RAM on a divider and my Video Card OC to 470/1100 but even with everything at stock speeds I cant seem to pass 3DMark03 the screen goes black and stops responding (Fans in case are still running) any ideas why? OC Temps Idle Load CPU 24C 38C (Thermaltake BigTyphoon) PWM 40C 48C (Two stock 120mm case fans at 5V) Chipset 48C 52C (Passive Zalman Heatsink) GPU 41C 58C (Zalman VF700-CU) Stock Temps Idle Load CPU 24C 36C (Thermaltake BigTyphoon) PWM 40C 47C (Two stock 120mm case fans at 5V) Chipset 46C 51C (Passive Zalman Heatsink) GPU 40C 56C (Zalman VF700-CU)
  2. 320MHz :eek2: :eek2: :eek2: I can’t get mine past 259MHz what timings are you using???
  3. Yes. I just passed a 24 Hour Prime95. :nod: :nod: :nod:
  4. Only cost me a $100 from my dad to (he ordered a Opteron 175 for himself).
  5. I got my 3200+ Winchester up to 2640MHZ 8 hours prime with 1.65v. How does this compere to other 3200+ winnes? edit: Temps CPU 27C idle 38C load (Termaltake BigTyphoon) PVM 42C idle 47C load (two 120mm Antec case fans) NB 45C idle 49C load (passive cooling) idle temps are from fresh boot into BIOS and load temps are 8 hours into a 24 hour Prime using MBM 5.
  6. So basically Small FFT stresses CPU>>Motherboard/RAM Large FFT stresses CPU>Motherboard/RAM Blend stresses CPU=Motherboard/RAM Is this correct?
  7. I'm using the OCing guide in this forum. I’m doing pretty well but when I get to the part were I'm supposed to Prime when finding my max MHZ of my Proc with the Prime95 torture test. However when I select it I have four options. 1: Small FFTs (maximum FPU stress, data fits in L2 cache, RAM not tested much) 2: In-place large FFTs (maximum heat, power consumption, some RAM tested) 3: Blend (tests some of everything, lots of RAM tested) 4: Custom Min/Max FFT size (in K), Run FFTs in-place, Memory to use (in MB) and Time to run each FFT size (in minutes) I don’t know which one I'm supposed to use?
  8. I've been installing Windows for an hour now and it still says it has 33 minutes left but it's still responding (bar on bottom of screen and text) anyone know whats going on?
  9. Hay guys I just recviced a 148 CABYE 0543 FPMW and I’m waiting for my DFI Ultra-D to get here so in the mean time I have a couple of questions. 1: I don’t have any other socket 939 CPUs so if it doesn’t recognize the Opteron I’m screwed because I can’t switch it out to update the BIOS correct? 2: What are the chances of my DFI Ultra-D not recognizing my Opteron? 3: What should I expect to OC the 148 CABYE 0543 FPMW with water cooling to? Thanks for the help. Warrior
  10. So what would OC better an Opteron 148 or an Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego?
  11. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17916
  12. Well I want some TCCD sticks and from what I can tell there aren't any TCCD 1GB sticks so I was thinking about about these 2x512MB TCCD based G.SKILL sticks. They should work there not on your list however.
  13. I need some help first off I can only afford to get 1GB of ram when I order my system but I will be upgrading it to 2GB of RAM a couple mouths after the main order. I’m trying to decide between getting 1x1GB now and another later or 2x512MB now and another later. I need to know if there are any other down sides to using 4x512MB besides running it in 2T (which has no real world effects). Thanks for the help. Warrior
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