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  1. My computer has been working fine since October. Yesterday I shut it off and came home 9 hours later and when i push the power button nothing happens. I first suspected the PSU so I tried a paper clip to jump start it and all the fans and everything power up, However the PSU fan will not. When everything is as it should be the only light that is on, on the motherboard is the little yellowish one at the bottom. I have also tried the power button right on the mobo with the same result. To me this seems like a PSU issue since everything else has been fine. Any help is much appreciated!!!
  2. I did this mod last night to one of my DFI Ultra-D boards. Didn't have an X-acto knife so I used a very small and sharp flat head screw driver to remove the epoxy which worked well. I then joined the connectors with a regular #2 pencil. On the first boot I saw Nforce SLI!! It was a very simple mod. I then pulled my other 7800GT out of my other rig to test SLI and it worked like a champ. Ran 3D Mark 05 and scored 9744. Seems low but it could just be the performance hit in not having a bridge, I hope anyway. Thanks for the guide!!
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