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  1. Im not questioning your honesty or anything like that but how do you tell the difference between the pc8000 and the pc6400 I have a pair of pc6400 in my hand right now? The reason Im asking is I have a set of 8000 and a set of 6400 and am using them together, thinking about getting another set of 8000 so I can step up past 9 something hundred mhz on my OC. BA
  2. Thank's Wevsspot Hay do you or anybody like you know if there is a way to adjust the C1E option ? As far as I can tell it docent kick up to the Overclocked setting's unless you do something that causes the CPU to use over 10% of it's resource's. Im playing COD-4 and it docent use enough cpu to kick it up. So If I use it at all im stuck at the lower setting for me it's 2.4 if Im OC'ed to 3.6. If there was some way to crank that down to like 5% I would be playing at full tilt buggy instead of stock. So at the moment im back to running at 3.5 just so I can get the power to push my video card. If I just wanted to run 2.4 Ide still be running a AMD. BA
  3. Ive been using the P-35 MB's a ASUS P5K-E/WiFi and a DFI_Blood Iorn boath P-35's and I was thinking that some of these re view's and other thing's Ive been reading are showing that they are using almost or more than a 2/10 of a volt less to get to the same place im trying to go. I was just reading that one guy had gotten to 3.6=8X450 at under 1.4 with a ASUS Maximus Formula. He had a little better watter set up than I have but Im just wondering if a upgrade is mabey something I need? Anny opinion's would be appreciated on this matter. BA
  4. Wow I was quite impressed I had two different thing's show up on my door step and I really was not expecting either, But got both. Happy day at the moment the system is running fluid hooked up to a old box power supply just circulating blue fluid. It is kind of pretty really this just turned out to be a very nice day. The sun even shines on a dog's a** every now and then. later guy's And SVC is doing fine there software may be a little slow but they get the job done. Instead of sending compression 10mm fittings they sent me barb nozzle's with spring clamp's. If they were out of the ones I orderd and they were trying to get me buy Thank's Guy's. And if your not out of them well you know. BA O yea the weather suck's hear today people are staying home when they can. just cold and nasty looking
  5. Really kool If you ever get to KC come visit I live about 10min off I-70east on Paseo & Linwood blvd. About the time the box went out for delivery on the truck the money was taken out of my account. This is where thing's normally get messed up the package get's hear to the the KC Kansas DISTRO facility then it get's put on the wrong truck. I have all way's got the delivery in the end but in the last 2 delivery's I have had from Koolance have been messed up. That's why I have been watching this one so close. I'm hoping they will get it right this time. When doing New Egg I never had problem's with the shipping I could order on Mon ad get it on fri . And to answer your question No Ive herd of it but am unsure of where it's at. But Ill be finding out. BA
  6. Yea the only thing I have in my pc is a cpu block so far. I found out the original exos unit I was using was only good for 200 watt's. So I picked up the newest cpu block they have. And just ordered a 700wat unit that is upgradeable to 1000wat. Im thinking cpu and mabey north bridge chip set. The equipment has made it to Lenexa so far and probably be out for delivery tomorrow. That's one of the thing's I like about the koolance exos stuff is everything is on the outside of the box. There is just a cpu block with 2 compression fittings inside the box. You get those right your done. I use a second pc to test it I just set it next to it and hook up the power and watch it run. So far with only one simple loop there isint much to watch. BA
  7. Hay Wevsspot how are you? Im a fairly honest person Ide rather tell them than go ahead and not say anything about it. With my luck they would wait until the one min I didn't have that much in my account Ide get hit with a Over Draft charge. I live on disability and if Im not carfull I can get into trouble for having to much money in my account. This happened to me last year so now a day's I just spend it and any savings has to go under the mattress so to speak. I don't take advantage of other people anyway. Not with my Karma BA
  8. I woke up in the middle of the night and found this tracking number 1Z 0 03 6654150 377 7>alterd,, I havent checked the money end yet but im going to do that right now. Well the item's are beimg shipped and the money hasent been touched. Im confused. BA
  9. Well I probably would cancel if the sales man ha dent told me they had all ready shipped my order and that It was going to be delivered on the 21st. I dont quite understand why there is no activity in my visa account or a shipping email there is just nothing after the original order conformation. I know you don't like the Koolance product's this isint about that it's about weather SVC is still a CO that we can trust. The last time I did business with them every thing went fine. Im not pointing finger's yet but im saying this docent look right. Im also saying that im disabled and I cant afford for them to tye up 260 buck's that I cant get anything for or use. And if they are messing me around I want every body to know about it. Wouldent you BA
  10. I bought a Koolance 750 black external unit with a set of fittings for my 330 watter block. the whole deal was about 267.00 buck's including shipping. I used the SVC because Ive used them before and no problem's. I made this order on the 14 thursday in the evening as of this morning the 19 all I have received from SVC is a conformation that I en fact made the order. My visa docent show any activity so I got worried and called them and talked to there rep and he went to talk to the shipping dept and came back to tell me that my order had shipped and I should get it on the 21st . Well Im all for that but after checking my email I still havent seen any activity on my Credit Card. And Ive never seen a online CO ship anything before they got paid. But anyway this happend over the holiday so I can understand the idea that there might be a delay, so I thought Ide let you guy's know what is going on since it is suggested that we use there on line store. Anyway Im going to let you guy's know how thing's go every couple day's. Hopefully my part's will show up just like the store rep said they would, this isint like any online purchases Ive ever made but we shall see. BA
  11. Actually im making quite a bit of progress I just reinstalled my ASUS MB back into my box and the ram controller work's so much better than the DFI ever did. I also got a 330 koolance watter block and that also work's much better than the out dated r-200 block that came with it. Im more interested in having a stand alone cooling system that I can take with me on to the next pc I build instead of having a built in system that pretty much has to stay with the box you build it in to. I really like th separate unit idea a lot better. BA
  12. I ve had this MB and ram for 2 month's now and nobody has made any offers on it so I went ahead and reinstalled it. It has a better ram controller on it than the Blood ron that I was using. And Im also using the 2Gig and single Gig stick's of ram to give me 6Gig of ram on board. So this sale has ended. BA
  13. SO how do we get better than air cooling. Im really not interested in just getting cooling as good as my Zallman 9700 do I need to just remove the koolance unit all together and start over or what? That's what Im asking I tryed it this way and it ddint work so what do you suggest. BA
  14. I was kind of hoping that I can find someone that can help me diagnose a older Koolance Exos system that they arnt even showing on there inventory any more. This one has 3X80mm fan's on top of it all the newer ones have 2X120mm fan's on it. The deal is I bought it off ebay one night for a hundred and shipping I figured it would be a good way to get started in liquid cooling without having much to modify in the case dept. Well I finally got it put together with a new CPU-330 cooling block -[there best]-with 14 in nipple's with it. And what im getting is poor performance. I have it hooked up to my quad core on a DFI Blood Iorn and the best I can do on it is about 3.4 then the temp's get me at 70. Im looking for a way to diagnose this system, is it under pressure or what? All the newer system's have bigger line's on them and Im using 5050 car antifreeze dose anybody have any idea's. I know my cpu block is ok but how do I tell about the rest ? it's running and it docent leak that's all I can say. Anyway this is my first go around on liquid and Im not to disappointed at the moment but I hoping I can throw a little money at this one and get a few hundred MHZ out of it. Ide like to get to 3.6 on it at least. BA
  15. The only real problem I have with this board is you cant use all 4 ram slot's on anything faster than 3.0 after that I start getting random crashes to my desktop or rebooting from out of no ware. The ram is fine and the setting's I put in the bio's are pretty basic. Outside of a north side chipset getting hot and that's pretty normal for P35 Mb. The only real reason I stuck with the Board is it has almost no VDrop what so ever. I switched out the 4X1Gig stick's of Crucial Ballistic DDR-2 800 ram with some 2X2Gig GSkill DDR-2 1000 pc8000 and had no more ram issues. I have gotten my ASUS MB back and I may go back to it but after buying the new ram it's not doing to bad I may go ahead and buy a X38 Mother board. Ive been experimenting with my first watter rig lately and haven't thought about it much. The Kollance rig I bought on ebay is a waist of money so far if I could get my hand's on the proper watter block i just bought it may start doing better and even if It docent Ill have some junk to start with at least. Building custom liquid system's just isint possible unless you have some junk to work with when thing's don't go right. Im pumping 50/50 antifreeze into a huge r-200 block right now with a spacer between the block and cpu and that is killing my performance even if it is gold plated. UPS has been 8 day's trying to deliver my newer performance cpu block that I can use on any system. Im learning a lesson and only buying stuff that I can use on other system's, no more propitiatory stuff for this boy. I aint real fast buy im learning. BA
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