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  1. I have the 2x1GB version of the Geil value RAM. I am having stability problems with my pc when the RAM is in dual channel. I'm trying to pin-point the problem still. I have tried the other (orange) slots and it still crashes. So my problem is either the RAM or maybe the memory controller on my CPU (unlikely). I think the safe bet is to not get any "value" memory when using this board.
  2. I have a nF3 Ultra-D and have had issues with my ethernet port. Mine was causing some BSODs. I think there's a problem with some DFI nF3 ethernet adapters... buy a separate NIC.
  3. I've got the same problem when I insert a new PCI card. I don't reset the cmos but shutdown for 5 mins and then restart. When I do that the beep sounds and the monitor comes on normally. This is only one of the problems I'm having with this board (bought from Overclockers in UK).
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