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  1. well, i like the shape of the mouse since i have long fingers. it's a little hard getting used to the settings of the mouse. i tried 800 dpi, 1600 dpi so far. 800 with the windows drivers (9/11). 1600 with the razer drivers with 6 6 and windows sensi at 6/11 (current config mentioned in the sign). i noted one difference with this lazer mouse and the optical mouse is that when i lift the mouse, the cursor moves a lot in CH and it doesn't in case of optical one. acceleration is always disabled. also since pointer precision is disabled, it's hard to quickly click on a small button like winamp's close button. did anyone notice the same? am i missing something in the razer settings?
  2. ok thanks. currently trying: 6.09/6.17b 1000Hz 1600dpi 6 6 windows pointer speed at 6/11. pointer precision disabled. would let you know how it goes.
  3. can you please give me your mhz / dpi and the windows settings. i also noted that pointer precision checked in the windows mouse settings makes the mouse go slow.
  4. using: driver 6.09, firmware 6.17b anyways, i found that the mouse skips with the above d/f (driver / firmware) at 1000mhz / 800dpi. 400dpi is too slow and 1600 dpi is too quick. in 1000mhz / 800dpi while i move the mouse slowly in vertical (say +-10 degrees), there's no moment in vertical direction but only horizontal. so, uninstalled d/f. currently, i'm just on windows drivers with the least DPI mode (400dpi) and the pointer speed at 2 levels less than the fastest (windows). if someone who's using a CH / razer mouse then could you please let me know the mhz / dpi and the windows settings they use? thanks!!
  5. ^^ i have had similar problems initially with my ballisitix. tests would give NO errors but random BSODs. i'd tried memtest86, stressprime except superPI at 2.6vdimm. i raised the vdimm to 2.7 and after a few weeks, same thing. so i raised to 2.8vdimm and after a week same thing. i tested superPI and it failed at 512K and worked for below values. which indicated that it's a RAM issue. i went for RMA to newegg and asked for a different RAM: OCZ. thanks to newegg for that. i dont think anybody has ballistix sticks (even with newer chip revision) that have NOT failed. i dont know if crucial would refund you back the money, it depends. if you bought from a vendor then ask for different sticks. unfortunately, i think other sticks seems to be a better option than ballistix at the moment.
  6. i got the OCZ platinum ddr500 2x1GB ($280) this week as a replacement for ballistix ($296) from newegg without any more money (sign updated). the RMA guys agreed to that.
  7. do you mean the AMD x2 drivers ( and the MS's dual core hotfix (KB896256)? i had the stuttering problem too. after the above, not anymore.
  8. by EB, you mean the OCZ (OCZ5002048EBPE-K), right? i dont mind the difference, but i'd just haggle to see how it turns out. EDIT: i'm going for the OCZ mentioned above. let's see what the RMA dept replies.
  9. sorry if this goes off topic, but please help. RMA dept from newegg contacted me letting me know that they no more carry the ballistix sticks and i can go for a credit of current market value (200/-) or corsair ( CORSAIR XMS 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 500 (PC 4000) Dual Channel Kit System Memory - Retail ). i was thinking of the OCZ Platinum Edition 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 500. i'd pay the difference or haggle. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227225 am i making a good choice? please let me know. i know OCZ is good but just need a last confirmation. thanks!!
  10. for the TD1s, you were always at 2.8v. i read as low as 2.5v. :confused:
  11. AFAIK, i read as low as 2.55v. so try from 2.5vdimm. you can read few posts above.
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