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  1. An expert question : THese are my Voltages throught SppedFan 4.28 : +3.3 V : 3.28 +5 V : 5.11 +12V : 12.10 -12V : -9.32 -5V : -0.58 Vcore1 : 1.26V Vcore2 : 1.18V Everything works fine Any ideas-suggestions?
  2. Which drivers should I use during F6 procedure of Win64 installation? the Sil1314 drivers where the array is or the nvidia? and where can I find the win64 sil1314 drivers? Thanks
  3. Which drivers should I use during the Win64 installation(F6 procedure)? the Sil1314 where the array is or the nvidia?
  4. THanks a lot..... I have this DFI mobo for 4 months..... I learn alot from you and your forum cause a lot of questions looks easy for you but it becomes a nightmare for all of us... Thanks from Greece
  5. are there any specific options that I should change to my bios to make the second array operational? Especially if I use the Sil1314 controller? I appreciate your help.....
  6. thanks for your quick reply. But when my Win64 installed how do the pc begin ? Should i have to mentioned that I used the first Array to boot throught bios. So how the bios determined with which Os to boot as long as they'll be installed in different arrays?
  7. Hello there, A simple but difficult at least for me question. I placed my 2 SATA2 drives to Raid0 via Nvidia Controler. Can I use another 2 sata disks to make them Raid0 via Sil1314 controller? And also is it possible to install winX64 to that Raid, so it could be an option to boot between the WinXP and Win64. I've installed WinXp to the first Raid I mentioned... Any ideas?
  8. I just bought MX500 desktop with Bluetooth. I realise that the noise from my heatsink is altered cause it runs higher (about 4500 idle ). But as soon as I change the desktop to my old wired keyboard and mouse the heatsink rounds become normal (about 3200 idle). So what do u think? is it possible the bluetooth connection to alter the heatsink? Any suggestion is appreciable...
  9. Any suggestions how should i set my RAm to 200HZ cause by default the bios set it to 333 . Each time I turn the Dram to 200 the system doesn;t boot. The more the explanations the best the results..... I'm a newbie to DFi and Amd.... My system could be seen at the sig..... Thanks a lot and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
  10. First of all, excuse me for the simplicity of my thread. But I'm newbie in DFi.I'm trying to speed up my RAm to 200 which means DRAM/FSB=1/1. But each time that I change the bios setting from "auto" to "200", my Pc doesn't boot. ihave two pairs of Kingston 3200 512, which means a total of 2G. Any suggestions would be appreciable.... Thanks anyway.....
  11. I'm thinking that we use a lot of luck trying to solve some Pc problems.... I prefer less experiments and more standard solutions.... THANKS anyway
  12. Enabled or not still the same mess.........
  13. I've connected them to the mobo from the first time? i've tested the microsoft desktop set to the other Pc I have and it worked just fine... It's amazing how this may happen.....
  14. I;m a newbie in DFi . The specifications are below. After the XP installation I've tried to use a microsoft desktop set ( i mean wireless keyboard and mouse ). After that my Pc had began to hung and the mouse attitude was anpredictable.... After tat I noticed that screen saver doesn't start up neither Monitor turn off from power options. Any suggestions? Is there any possibility that bios doesn't support this action ( I mean usb keyboard and mouse)? i've already installed latest chipset drivers and also Usb keyboard -mouse drivers. Thanks
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