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  1. I would go with ThermalTake BigTyphoon, i love this bad boy...its pretty ez to installed take about maybe 10 -20 min or so. look at my sign...keeps my cpu cool...38/44c full load only 44c that's not too bad for it being OC 300 fsb 1:1 1.48v timing.....good luck....
  2. Well 1st off, thanks for the reply....I know the slots are there to be use, but i just wanted to know if I would be able to OC as high with 4 slot being use and i have read up on some other ppls posting, they are having problems using 4 slots....they are only able to use either yellow or orange slots.....thanks
  3. I was wondering would i be able to use up 4 slots of memory. i have 1 pair of 2 x 512 and would like to add 2 more to make 2G. currently i am OC at 3g with out any problem. would I have to change up some setting and would i still be able to hit 3g...? Thanks
  4. well i have found my problem, just thought i would share with all. Its the dam memory OCZ didn't allow me to past 220fsb ( dont get me wrong OCZ are good memory only in my p4 rig, but i have found something better), now i just go some G.skill at newegg pc4400 1gle model....very impress with these memory, just put it in my system in the orange slot bump fsb up to 300 and cpu volts is set at 1400 with 110% memory volts is set at 2.7v...running stable right now..on air very happy now :nod: :nod:
  5. I am thing of buying some new memory, like the one with TCCD..anyone knows..what brand or model would be good? The funny thing i pass in memtest ran each one for 1hr...pass with out any problem......thx again for the reply
  6. i have try that too...shut down and start up...no go.. if someone see or have the same setup like mine even close can you please post... I got one more question....how come i can't run the memory in yellow slot...what if i wanted to use all 4 memory slot...does that means i cant...? thx
  7. I have try shut down and then start it up..still no go... I was wondering if someone else that has the same set up like mine, if you can please post your set up..and see if i can copy a thing or 2... thx
  8. Well i have try for the last 4 to 5 days..chaning diff. setting trying to use others ppls setting....i have try at less 10 to 20 diff. setting already..just right now i have it on auto...but i have try to set diff. timing and nothing seems to work...Maybe that's why i am unable to play BF2 it keep kicking me out to window....and it lags in the games also...now i am just wondering if it really my memory....I have my vcard set a default still laggs...could it be memory issues....
  9. One more question, how do i get my dram volts to 3.4v to 3.5v how do i set that? just wondering if i need to :nod: thx.....
  10. first of all Thanks guys for the fast reply.... well I have my ram volts at 2.8v i even try 3.2v...but no luck in passing 220 fsb... i will try more on memtest, I even set the memory to 3-4-4-8 still wont do it.... and yes i want to increase in cpu...mhz.....dont really care about tight timing...so i am thinking of getting some tccd..memory.... by any chance do you guys knows if my ocz are tccd brianpwr etc....? thanks
  11. Well I use both Intel and AmD, it seem that Intel is alot EZer to overclock more user friendly than AMD. I am having hard time with my first AMD rig....right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
  12. I am a noob at this site and been reading up alot of thread. I copy others setting but still having a hard time passing 220 fsb...not sure is it the memory or the cpu...any help PLEASE this is what i have set up in bios..: 220 A X10 STARTUP CPU VID 1.3 AT 110% EVERYTHING ELSE IS DEFAULT HERE THE MEMORY SETUP: 200 1/01 A 3-4-4-7 12 24 3 3 2 3 3120 AND EVERYTHING IS ELSE IS DEFAULT and memory is in the orange slot duel please any help on this and i am thinking of getting new memory, like Gskill pc4400 2x512... thx
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