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  1. Try this Refresh Period (Tref)......................... auto DRAM Drive Strength........................... 5- 7 DRAM Data Drive Strength...................... 1 or Auto
  2. Sounds to me like your bios/ram settings need to be tweaked. Particulary tref, data strengths, read preamble, & max async latency. Start by heading over to this post and click on your ram and set bios (ram settings) accordingly. As you increase you oc you may need to adjust some things here & there (read preamble/max asysnc latency). Some dual core's don't like certain divider's no matter what clock your at. I've found the 2/3 divider pretty much works with them all though. Also tref plays a part with dual core's & dividers as well. You may have to try auto with 2/3 divider till you find what works & then move on. Most dual core opty 165's will do 2.4ghz to 2.6ghz no matter what the steppings. It's just a matter of adding a little more voltage & finding the right memory settings. Shouldn't take more than 1.5v on air to reach 2.5-2.6ghz though. Also I didn't see any data posted where you found your max stable oc for you board or ram. Typically one lowers the multiplier on the cpu and starts there so that one knows theirs system before oc the cpu. Hope this helps:)
  3. I'm about to fully retire my 146 as I now own 3 Dual Cores & am looking into conroe. This chip has been In my media pc stock since March when I got a 148 CABYE 0543 FPMW. April of this year I picked up my first CCB1E 170 & it was shelved until I sold it June. Chip was purchased from Zipzoomfly December and tested it to 3 Ghz 1.45vcore on air The cooler used at that time was Gigabyte G-Power Cooler Pro which is aluminum. Later I upgraded to the Zalman 9500 which is whats on it now. My price is a bit high but this is by far the best stepping for 146's & not alot of coldbug. $175 shipped. LMK
  4. I've read through this entire thread & I've successfully run some TCCD @ 290mhz without errors in prime & 3DMark06. Opteron 165 @323HTT 180 Divider 7-4-3-2.5 4/06/06 bios. My question is, the opinon seems that this board was designed for 2 GB Kits. What kit was in mind? Based on what IC's to be more specific Infineon, Micron,or Samsung UCCC's. I'm getting ready for Quakcon & am about to grab a new kit. I usually stick with corsair when I spend over $200 but I'm open for suggestions. I do want overclocking too by the way. I run all my dual core's @ 2.8ghz or greater. 1:1 memory with my 170's when possible:)
  5. People are already dumping good stepping cheap. I've dumps two myself. You can find new unopened 165's with good steppings for under $300 on ebay. Or in for sale threads in forums. Don't waste money on 170's unless you have a board that won't do high HTT's none that I've had scale better then the 165's with good steppings. Good Luck
  6. Did you clear the cmos using the jumper on the board after the flash. If u flashed using winflash utility theres an option on the top left you have to check thats says "clear cmos" & "cmos default". If you didn't check either, then the bios left your settings in from the flash which probably won't work. Just clear your cmos with jumper all should be well after that.
  7. My best 3DMark 06 score thus far was 8440/cpu2234 This is with the GPU @ 540mhz & memory @ 800mhz. Default is 500/750mhz. I've got two Zalman v900's on the way so I'll be flashing the bios of the cards soon and oc clocking the gpu core furhter. Also CPU was @ 3 ghz on both core's during Benchmark. :shake:
  8. I found my problem, it was drivers or something. I used driver cleaner pro, followed steps to clean both the nforce & graphics drivers. Reboot safe mode, cancel auto install, intalled latest certified drivers graphics then chipset. My SLI MOD was always a success, I just never put it to the test. Another very happy game here. Thanxs for guide. Now to return this $179 Silverstone ST60F!!!! I bought thinking I was under powered.
  9. Could a few people report in what sli bridge their using? Anyone successfully run sli with this mod & the Asus Flex Bridge?
  10. The SLI Mod worked for me. I just got my second 7900GT and enabled SLI. Now when I start a game or 3dmark06 it freezes with sli enabled. I thought it was my ocz power stream so I switched to enermax 535w still no go. then I bought the silverstone ST60F 600w still no go. Could it be the the asus flex cable I'm using? Someone please any Ideas I've got to get this thing going.
  11. Anyone still wanting one of these boards, ATACOM has them, I bought one after finding it on price grabber.
  12. what voltage I r giving your bh5 to run 270? & is that 1:1 or divider? I've got some corsair 3200LL Pros I'm trying to configure. thanks
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