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  1. I'm getting ready to put together a 2nd opty 165 system. Is there a stepping that is current I should look for? I'm sure the 165 I have from November will be a different stepping than what's out today. Thanks!
  2. I'm up in the armpit of Lovely Gary... Yeech...
  3. I'm getting ready to put together a 2nd opty 165 system. Is there a stepping that is current I should look for? I'm sure the 165 I have from November will be a different stepping than what's out today. Thanks!
  4. Kumusta Ryn, Could you tell me more about the lesser settings? I really appreciate the DRAM divider, the 3.3V for the DRAM (select by jumper) and the cas settings in my lanparty. The ram I'll be using need 3.3V If I get another dual core I'll need higher voltages. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have the setup in my sig. I need to put together a 2nd computer & will probably go for another dual processor AMD64. The board I have is more than I need and won't be using a SLI on the 2nd computer. What board would be the least expensive that will easily overclock to the processor & ram's Maximum? I need good sound from it. I really like the overclocking features on my existing board including the 3.3V DRAM option. Thanks!
  6. Some very low volts here. Nice! I can't get the OC without fairly high volts. I'm nowhere maxed out but 1.3+ is pretty amazing. I'm at 1.52V at this moment. I'm watercooling and the temps are very low because of that. at idle it's 28C & running both cores 100% with two BOINC projects running it's 37C. I should see if I can lower my CPU volts some more. As it is, I ran Prime95, Stress Prime & BOINC (two projects) at the same time and 24 hours later the computer was like normal & no crashing Prime95 or StressPrime. With the water cooling I'm not too concerned about the higher volts but again, it would be probably better to lower them if possible.
  7. What an esoteric, childish and garbage thing to say. I wasn't asking you anyway. I have a sig & if it didn't appear that's not my fault. And it's we'll tell you, not well tell you.
  8. Mursaat, How are you getting the 3.3V? the bios only offers DRAM to 3.2 and the DRAM +.03 only applies if you have less than 3.2 selected? If I have my BH-5 at a 166 divider I get errors in SuperPi. I have to use a 150 divider to be stable. Thanks
  9. Clay, Thanks for the link to S&M at the beginning of this post.
  10. Don't know how to undo what I did... Got the equipment in the sig. I used TMod's CD (a very nice piece of work Tmod) to change my bios & try different ones. (Assumes all lanparty bioses are under the Lanparty header) I've been trying to get some BH-5 memory to run at a little faster clock speed (need to keep the divider at 150 if I want to run the cores at 2.736Mhz & have rock stable 24/7 Stress Prime & Prime95 results) so thought I'd try some different bioses & see which came up better for these chips if any. (looking for more volts to the RAM) The bios I had been using had the option to select different devices to start with. Not the cdrom, removable, floppy hard drive kinds of options but under the selection for hard drives HDD-0 Hdd-1 HDD-2 & so on showed up. And other than the ram speed I was totally happy with this bios. After trying the other BIOS's on the CD I wasn't getting the results I came to expect with the bios I'd settled on a couple of weeks ago so I tried loading what I thought was the one I remembered using (a 623 version I believe) but none of the bioses I've tried loading offer the same HDD-0 type options. I got a BSOD today (first since I settled on the BIOS I had been using the last few weeks) and a calculation error showed up running BOINC which is also a first in several weeks. So Somehow I am seemingly overlooking a bios to install that seemed to work well for me. Any idea which bios version that might have been? ( I think the availibility of the HDD-0 option miught be a good clue to what it was ) Seems like ennie meenie miney mo guessing & I'd find it but so far everything comes up "hard drive, CDROM, FLOPPY" only. I'd like to get that old bios back in if possible. (too bad I can't raise the volts a bit more for the BH-5 but greater than 3.2V is apparently it's not in the bioses so far) Thanks!
  11. Hi, I wondered that too when I saw them. I have several motherboards though and this is the only one with the marks. Like I'd mentioned in the link, all of these caps have a slight bulge on the tops but none of them appear to be burned or releasing any of the electrolytic chemicals. I'm glad you've seen them too, it is somewhat assuring they may be OK...
  12. Hi, I have an older board which has black marks on the tops of some electrolytic capacitors. I don't know if this is a sign of damage or if they came this way. Here's a link to more details. Black lines on Capacitor tops Anyone see this before or have a clue? I need to know whether to junk the board or if it's OK to use it. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I've been geting ready to give my NF2 Ultra to my Mom as what she has is just miserable. I had a sound card that wouldn't bring in a digital signal from my DAT deck like it was designed to do & I sent it back to the manufacturer. They went over it & said it was fine. Didn't make sense but it ended up in the board you see below in my sig. I thought maybe there was something wrong with the NF2 but never gave it a 2nd thought. I'm now removing parts like the waterblock & RAM to keep & replacing them with cheaper consumer stuff she'll be happy with as all she wants is a computer that works. I took a good look at the components and noticed something seemingly out of place... The electrolytic capacitors all were made with three indented flat groves meeting in the center of their flat tops (sort of like the Rockwell insignia). Some of them appear bulged slightly and those that are bulged have a tiny bit of black along the indents that comprise the three groves. The black looks exactly like someone had followed the grooves with a sharpie / magic marker. None of the caps appear to have a hole in them and out of curiosity I took a Q-tip and tried rubbing the black marks off. None of the marks rubbed off in the least nor after doing this and tasting the Q-tip did I notice any kind of chemical flavor at all. They truly appear as magic marker but they appear only on the caps with any kind of bulge. As there's no burnt smell nor any taste to the area I feel safe in saying the marks are not from the ruptured contents of a fried electrolytic capacitor. But I wonder if in some way they are related to failed components and the cause of that audio card not working 100% in it's PCI slot. Looking at my DFI NF4 board I see none of these marks nor do I see any caps that are bulging. So... Anyone seen these marks before & does anyone know what they mean or why they're there? Thanks
  14. Problem Solved! Thank you all for your replies. All the replies likely would have been a solution. The first one I tried worked and that was the driver found on the last page in the link offered by kukulcan. The XP driver was only three days old but it installed beautifully. Thank you all very much for the help.
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