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  1. Okay, I tried using a different mouse and different usb port on the mobo. I'll try to find a usb-ps2 adapter so that I can see if it's the usage of usb that's doing it. I did find out that it will make any rendering stutter, even motion avatars like the ones that official blizzard forum posters have, so I don't think it's the hardware cursor setting, and the game gets choppy anytime I move the mouse, whether I'm just moving the mouse or trying to chang camera angles.
  2. I checked the temps and it said that it was 55, which supposedly is normal. I'm going to try doing a full uninstall of the drivers, and installing the new ones. I don't think that it will help, but who knows. I do appreciate the advice on the PWM's I would have never thought of that. If anyone else has any ideas they are still apprciated, cause I'm still going to continue troubleshooting.
  3. Okay, I tried turning off pointer precision and it still stutters and it does happen on F.E.A.R. So I know it doesn't have anything to do with the game settings.
  4. I've been working on a problem that I have been having when playing World of Warcraft. Whenever I move the mouse the game stutters. I know that it is not inherently the video card, CPU, or mouse because I have a friend that is running the same gear, with the exception of the motherboard. I have reinstalled my drivers, the game, turned off vertical sync, and a plethora of other things with no results. I've even lowwered all the settings in game (not that I should have to), and still nothing. I don't know if it is the MoBo, but I thought I would see if anyone has any ideas
  5. I went to work for about four hours and there wasn't any storms around and I have a pretty good surge protector which is attached to a UPS. I'm pretty sure that it isn't a surge problem.
  6. So this whole problem started one day when I came home and my system was blue screened. After rebooting the system it sits at post only displaying the CPU for about anywhere from 8-15 minutes before actually booting up. I can get to windows and use it for a few minutes before it blue screens. I've tryed all new components that could cause the problem except for the CPU and MoBo. If there is something wrong with the MoBo is there anything I can do other than getting a new one?
  7. I did figure out the problem. The water cool system was not cooling the GPU well enough during game play. I replaced the original sink and fan on the card and the problems were alleviated. I would like to thank everyone who gave the gracious suggestions. This will make me think twice about useing a water cool system on my GPU. Thanks again everyone.
  8. I'm running the onboard karajan sound. I'll try putting some more fans in the case to pull some of the heat, and I'll check the water system to make sure that it's running correctly. I may just try to drop in my x700 and see if it runs. As of right now I can't even finish a 3dmark5 test without it freezing up.
  9. No there's no overclocking done, and my temp sensor for the cooling system stays below the set 40 degrees. The GPU temp read-out on nvidia's interface says that it's running at 89 degrees and the threshold is 115.
  10. So here's what's happening, during game play (and only game play), the screen freezes and the sound stuters like a bad record. I've already downloaded the drivers for both my CPU and video card, and I've flashed the new bios for both. I have tried to set the affinity for games to only CPU 0, this seemed to help for a little while but Is there anything I can do as far as setting the affinity for games that don't allow me to access the affinity screen, like WoW. Please if you know of a solution, I work best with step by step instructions and I would most appreciate it.
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