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  1. Problem sorted now. I reset the bios and all back to default, looks like my overclock was preventing the drivers to install.....even though it was rock solid with my previous card. Looks like I will have to start all over again with my o/c with this card. Once I have done that I will look at o/cing the 7950GT....all advice gratefully recieved :angel:
  2. Just purchased the above card to replace my X850XT PE. 1st card that I was sent would not install any drivers, and had blocks and artifacts all over the screen, so had it replaced. New card arrived, and with this one the drivers will install, but on reboot it gets just past the XP splash screen, then a black screen.....nothing else. The LED on my monitor (normal LCD monitor (non-hd)) stays green, so there is a signal from the card. The place that I purchased it from are now saying that the problem is most probably a bug with my motherboard or XP installation. I uninstalled my old drivers, and ran driver cleaner in safe mode before installing this card. Any ideas? Tried everything I can think of, would a fresh install of XP do the trick? Thanks in advance.....just about pulled out all my hair :sad:
  3. It was working fine, then suddenly stopped working. I had to keep reinstalling the 5.10 driver, and it was running slower. I then tried the Remix driver and it now works all the time, but it is still slower than it was. The slowness could be my ISP, so all I am asking is 'what is the best driver to use?' I had some troubles with the 5.10 drivers so whats the next best thing? Thanks
  4. Which is the best LAN driver for the NF3 UT Ultra-D? I was using the 5.10 driver but for some reason it seemed to be playing up, with either a very slow connection or would not work at all. I have installed the Guru Remix LAN Driver - 24/02/05 which is working better, but still seems a little slow??? I have recently done a fresh install of XP Pro, and various spyware scans etc nd all are clear. I changed to the Remix driver and it has improved, but still not as good as it used to be.
  5. Tried all that and still would not boot. Done a fresh install already, just need to get everything back onto my system. As they say, you learn from your mistakes! Thanks all.
  6. Yes m8, everything seemed to work fine at first, but then I found that the LAN was not working, and still the same problem with the hard drive. I then removed the 5.10's again and also ran driver cleaner to remove all the Nvidia drivers so that I could start afresh.... Now it wont boot at all.....lol Dont wory about it, looks like I'll have to do a fresh install. I luckily have another 80gig HDD that was a backup from about 2-3 months ago which I am running on now. Would have preferred to have been able to make another backup so's not to lose things from the last 2 months, but cant:cool: I have at least been able to get pictures and emails which is the main thing, but no doubt there will be lots of other things that I have forgotten about or missed. Thanks for your help anyways, not your fault.....my system hasn't had a fresh install for over a year anyway....just one of the jobs I hate when I have soooo much installed which I use! Lesson learned.....I need to backup my HDD more often!
  7. Well, removed the drivers as you instructed and installed the 5.10 drivers without the sw ide drivers....didnt work. Removed the 5.10 drivers to start afresh, but now the HDD wont boot at all. I keep getting a bsod just before the win xp splash screen saying: Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. check your hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated. run chkdsk to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer. Technical Information: ***STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF789E528 , 0xC0000034 , 0x00000000 , 0x00000000) ------------------------ I have run chkdsk from recovery console and all is fine. I am booting from an old HDD connected as a slave, and I can see the drive/partitions on the drive with the operating system with the problems. As I cannot boot from that drive, I dont know what to do next. It is a 250gig HDD with lots of emails/files/info that I need, so I dont want to do a fresh install without backing everything up. As all I did was remove the 5.10 drivers, how can I replace them if I cannot boot with that drive? HeLp PlEaSe
  8. I have a Maxtor 6L250R0 IDE 16mb cache HDD which holds my operating system (XP Pro SP2). I recently noticed a slowdown of my system, and found that the ATA Controller keeps reducing the HDD speed to Ultra100 from Ultra133. I can set it back to Ultra133 and it will hold for a while, but after a few reboots/restarts it all happens again. The ATA Controller Driver is the Nvidia 5.10.2600.446 Anybody know a solution? Thanks
  9. Is it ok to use 120mm fans on the mobo fan connectors ? I know that they are ok for 80mm fans, but the case has 120mm fans, so I thought I would check first ? Also, what is the best bios for this mobo when overclocking ? (not the rig in my sig, somebody elses!)
  10. It can make a BIG difference, if you only return 1 stick there is no guarantee that the replacement will run as a matched pair. Different batches can differ greatly, so you will be taking a BIG risk. I would return BOTH without a doubt. I had a matched pair and got a refund after constant problems with them, and opted for the OCZ PC4000 EB's instead.
  11. Have you tried lowering the multiplier to try and get a higher FSB?
  12. What voltages am I safe with on trying to o/c the processor a bit more? I know my mobo undervolts, but by how much, and are there any rough guidelines? Dont want to fry it, so better safe than sorry :confused: Struggling to get it stable above 2.75 ATM
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