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  1. god this thread has progressed since i last posted and some great looking sig too
  2. hey ace did ya ever finish my sig? hope all is well Alex
  3. superb, thats what i hoped. cheers guys
  4. So quick question can yo use different hard drive sizes for a mirror raid? seagate dont seem to make the 300gb i have so if i get a 320gb will my raid array just see the 320 as a 300 and work? cheers
  5. there is not jumper there is a dedicated power button on the expert board and yes mine does it with that
  6. yeah i had an older zalman. i prefer the 9500 seems to cool better and i like the fact it sends the hot air directly to my rear port fans
  7. ex roadie: when i rma'd mine ages i thought it was the psu at fault and was assured by Hiper and DFI it wasnt. but got mine back and it has the same issue, when testing for dfi beofre i rma'd the board the only 2 components left in the mix were motherboard and psu but why isnt it consistent as not everyone with a cold boot issue psu has the cold boot issue?
  8. cheers, will, not sure ill be able to get that brand in the uk The finger prints cant be seen by the naked eye justt he bloomin camera picked it up. as for the wirning ill take a day to do it when i have some free time
  9. cheers mate its more of a satin finish i think.
  10. here are some of the outside, its huge u can barely see the front x panel as it blends so well being black. in the 3rd pic you can see the 2 hard drive caddies and the big fan in my PSU all blasting out the vented side panel. for those of you that are offended with my wiring im sorry i just wanted to get it up and running and need to spend a day or so sorting the wiring. the inside in the first pic you can see the 3 fans i mentioned at the bottom cooling the HDD and they PSU, then threr are 2x 92mm at the bacjk sucking the air my zalman shoots off the cpu straight out the back so the hot air does recirculate round the case in the next pic you can see the other 2x 120mm sucking the rest of the warm air outta the case
  11. ok guys ill take some pics in yhr morning and post em up
  12. A Silverstone TJ07 after much case debate gotta say i luv it, just need to spend time tidying my cables up. looks the nuts tho, oh and i need to sort the dvd's as they aew cream and the case is black pics to follow if anyone wants to have a look
  13. hows tricks ace ps i have a new case so need to let you know for my sig that u are doing now have a silverstone TJ07
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