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  1. Kinda havent been on here in a long time but anyway here is the plan. I have been thinkin bout a mini pc for a while since im tired of mine and still have that love for modding and stuff so i wanna build something again reguardless of the fact that i find comps boring (mainly cause mine sucks i think). Anyway the shuttle SN45Gv2 barebone looks pretty cool for something to mess with. The smaller case will make it harder to cool i amagin but for 200 bucks i could just put some parts from my current comp and then when i get extra money i could upgrade and do my mods. Anyway since its that small of a case i was wondering what my limits would be in the small case as far as certain hardware parts? I wanna get some kinda water cooling setup eventually but im not sure how that would work. Also as far as the vid card i was wondering if any of them would be to large for the case? O an how much room is there for modding? When i say modding i mean adding fans and stuff and i love UV so i gotta get it glowing inside. Alot of people that will read this have never seen me unless youve been here for a while so dont think im a complete noob. I was a little younger and less motivated when i was a postwhore on here a while back so you dont have to worry about that either lol. Just kinda found all the other hobbies either boring or to expensive to have fun with (quads). So if anyone has this setup just lemme know what sucks about it and what is actually surprizing about the setup considering its size. Kinda dont know what to say cause i dont post on forums much anymore and dont know how to talk to people smarter then me lol. Thanks
  2. Ok i decided im gonna go with the Shuttle "AN35N-Ultra". It is cheaper but im not gonna be overclocking. I havent decided which cpu i am gonna use? Either a 2400 or 2500........ Keep in mind i am mainly conserned about what will stay the coolest. This isnt a high performance machine its more of a stealthy game machine. Amd 2500+ Shuttle An35N-Ultra Kingstong Hyperx 512mb pc3200 Maxtor 60gb 7200rpm *havent decided on the ps/videocard/case*
  3. Im not gonna be able to go with 64. Im still debating on building the new computer. I dont really need it but i wanna upgrade cause i cant even play doom 3. Im tired of this thing actually warming my room up. Its to dang loud. I wanna go with a plain looking computer but have all the goodies and stuff. I wanna cut my own window design and have molding around it instead of no molding. Also what is the stuff in the can that blows dust out of your computer and your fans and stuff? I wanna get some of that and make sure my computer is always clean and stuff. Also i wanna roomy but not big and heavy case. Im only gonna have 1 harddrive... and probably just a dvd player or something. This machine is gonna be strictly for gaming and surfing the web (and listening to music of course). So i was wondering what some good sites are? I normally do business with xoxide but oh well..... I went to frozen cpu and this is the water cooling unit i want and that case looks sweet tooo. So if that gives you a idea of what im looking for then cool Im gonna go with switchs and stuff like that. Anyway lol im kinda getting geeky about this computer thing again So do you think that is a good water cooling unit or what or should i get something else? I dont want all kinds of tubes and wires in my comp i want it to look real basic and neat inside.
  4. Well i dont want something real heavy plus i want something quiet. I might go watercooling. I dont really need hi performance i just want something basic. I might actually go lower on the cpu and just focus on videocard,ram,harddrive. Xp1700+ or Xp2000+ (Is it possible to find the dlt3c or w/e)? Epox 8rda+ Crucial 512mb pc3200 ATi 9700 And maybe water cooling? I have a ac vent right next to my computer desk so i could use to that my avantage if i get a external setup. Also i was considering on selling my machine maybe? How much could i get for it? This wont happen till i get a job but i was wondering. Right now its sweet and no problems it just needs to be formatted and maybe some internal cleaning. Also what do you think i could get for my system right now? I would sell it to one of you guys for like.... 400? This isnt a right now thing but once i get a job and enough to build another system?
  5. Ok i havent been on here lately and i havent been into computers like i was before but now that i have my quad and im gonna have a car soon i dont really need to keep adding parts to my 4 wheeler. So i was wondering what mods or parts u think i should get for my Pc? I mainly wanna make the computer quiet for one. I wanna get my system back up to par for gaming. The xp2100+ is doing me ok but i was thinking about maybe getting the 2500+ i wanted a while back. Ill continue after i tell u what my computer is made of.... Xp2100+ (pally ) Biostar M7vip 512mb pc2100 Nvidia Fx5200 128 mb 8x (mobo only goes 4x) WD 40gig 5200rpm 300w ps (generic) Other then that i have a silver case with 4 uv fans and a nexus fan controller up front... a dual cold cathode but only 1 uv cathode plugged up........... I done the blowhole mod....... I have a crappy evercool heatsink So do you think i should do? I cant even play diablo 3 it sucks so bad. I am thinking about going over to intel/ati.......... So my main question is..... What is the best air cooling unit out right now..... Should i stick with amd? Should i stick with nvidia? Should i get a new harddrive? Should i get a new mobo just to support 8x agp and better ram? I dunno what video cards are good anymore.
  6. Hey its me again lol. I take to many breaks. Um i was wondering what you guys do on your computer other then business? Im running outta things to do on my computer but i love it so much that i spend more time than i should dont nothing lol..... Listening to music and playing cs every now and then is getting lame. I go to another forum for my 4 wheeler alot so im gonna start coming here more too.
  7. Back again.... I think i might be visiting a little more now. Well ive had it up for a while now but.... Here are the pics... Im liken her.
  8. Anway i just got some goodies in from xoxide check it out. UvReactive Window Etch. 4 Green Uv fans with blue uv leds 2 atomic fan grills Blue uv reactive Ide/floppy cables And the good ole nexus fan controller.
  9. I know where to get a mobo but where should i get the maxtor hard drive. Oh yeah with the mobo my video card will go from 4x agp to 8x so that will help a little plus combined with a hard drive and later ram it will kickass.
  10. video will be ok son. im not that big into gaming. I got all the mods. I just need more performance. I was thinking maybe a Asus a7n8x-deluxe. and a 7200rpm hard drive. THen save up for pc3500 ram 2x256 (dual channel). The cpu is ok other then tha fact that it runs fairly hot. (41c idle on evercool pos).
  11. Hey, as you guys may notice its christmas time and im wondering what i should do with say 200 dollars? I got the case/mods. So far this is what i got to put into the case. Amd xp2100+(pally) Biostar M7vip kt333 Generic 512 pc2100 GeforceFx 5200 128 8x WD 40gb 5200rpm I mainly surf the net/game/watch movies.
  12. koo. Yeah my case is gonna be cool. A mix of Uv blue/green. I wanna get Blue Wire Loom. I already got the Green fan with blue uv leds. Also the psu im gonna get has a blue fan. I cant really explain it all lol. But its gonna look sweet.
  13. nice to know. Isnt um incubis coming out with one soon? my favorite band. Not caught up in music to much but they are the band im listening to right now so its all good.
  14. 4 sure. Im also thinking bout putting some Leds somewhere on the inside. Plus there is a spot where the usb used to be (on the front behind a little door). Im thinking about maybe putting some kinda switch to somethign back there. Or maybe a fan controller for the cpu.
  15. I guess. I just ordered 1. 3.5inch Nexus Fan controller 2. 4 Green UV fans 3. Uv Alien Window Etching 4. Blue Uv IDE/Floppy Cables 5. 2 Atomic Fan Guards. That will look my stuff look good. Later Im gonna get some uv paint from them and a heatsink/thermal paste. I also finnaly decided to get a Epox 8rda+ and a xp1700-xp1800 xp2100 w/e i decide. Im not sure. I just want a nice Xp that i can overclock. Also im getting 2x256 pc3200 ram. Should come out to be a very nicely. I wanna do some more mods but i dunno what to get. I have made a blowhole/ a front CC switch. Oh yeah and im gonna order some leds to put in the front Hd/Power spots.
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