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  1. Christmas and I am boardless... worst Christmas I've ever had. DFI hurry up before we spend our Christmas money on someone elses board :] So much for before Xmas release. I was buying 3 of these things too... one was a gift in itself and the other is being put into a system I am building as a gift... now I'm going to have to come up with some pretty hardcore excuses...
  2. Will the ICFX3200 support 4GB of DDR2 800 RAM in 1T command rates ( four sticks of 1GB each preferably ) and still achieve a stable OC of at least 400mhz with an E6600 on a Zalman 9700 and Lian-Li 1100 Plus case with a Toughpower silent 750W. If you have memory recommendations that you guys have pre-tested in this setup that would be awesome, however I will most likely stick with OCz, G. Skill, or Crucial because that's what I can get cheap from my memory retailer. System will be running a custom fan less X1600 256mb ( soon to be physics card ) untill I upgrade to a ATI DX10 card. Most likely I will wait until the r700 series because they are rumored to use multi-gpu technology instead of a big gpu ( r600 will be the biggest ever ) that will just heat the crap out of my system. P.S. Thanks to Ricky and Robert especially for helping me in the past and the rest of DFI for their continued support and effort to deliver superior products to the industry. Keep up the good work.
  3. Memory is still debatable, it all depends on when a decent board comes out based on my needs. I will keep up to date with all of it including the rd600, hopefully this months release is still on schedule.
  4. I've looked at OCz, G.skill, and Super Talent, so far. The Titanium Alpha's are still the badass of the bunch but a little more expensive. However once my tri-pci-e motherboard comes out, I'm buying everything, and whatever is the BEST, thats what I want, money is not a problem. So pretty much whatever is going to be the best ram available for my motherboard is what I will be buying.
  5. Alright I see the CFX3200 is allready out for around $200, but it has 2 pci-e slots not 3 which means DFI has not released a RD600 board yet am I right? When can I expect to see one or can I buy one and help out with the bugs ( I had a bunch of problems with my RDX200 and now its running great ) As far as the ram, are there any other vendors that pull 3-4-3-9 Stock considering timings are the most important part in conroe builds.
  6. To all my fellow DFI Junkies: Conroe E6600 Wanting: CFX3200 / RD600 ( Where/when can I buy it? ) With: ATi 1950XTX w/ CrossFire Card & X1600Pro for Physics ( 3rd pci-e slot ) Ram: OCZ EL DDR2 PC2-6400 Titanium Alpha's 3-4-3-9 ( Also Where/when can I buy... ) The rest isn't important but for those that want to know anyway: Lian-Li 1100 Plus case w/ Hiper Modular 580W PSU HDD's I'll probally go with either a bunch of SATA2's and run in RAID5 or 10, or I might just go with one 750GB from seagate. Any feedback is appriciated and thanks to Ricky and Robert for helping me in the past you guys rock.
  7. Well it helped alot with my speed, went from 3400MB/s to 5000 or so...so that must have been part of it... Still hanging in most 3d apps and some benchmarking tools, especially 3dmark. Doesn't anyone else have this memory?
  8. Alright I will try that, anyone have any other recommendations for timings? ( see above attached image )
  9. I've seen some other people run into problems like this aswell, where BIOS did not pick up stock SPD timings. "I found with this new memory kit was that it may not be quite as "plug'n'play" as we would have liked to have seen. The SPD timings weren't picked up by the DFI Ultra-D so we had to hop into the memory section of the BIOS and adjust the values - this for overclockers is just second nature, however someone not hip to the BIOS of a motherboard might be a bit intimidated." Considering again I have a DFI board which needs some tweaking
  10. I popped in my new memory today, and ran at all stock settings and didnt tweak anything, all left on auto, except I put vdimm to stock, considering it was left at 2.65V, and stock is 2.75V My system runs fine while doing basic things, even sandra bandwith benchmarks. But when I go into pretty much any game, after a little while the computer locks up and emits high pitched whines from my speakers. I know its the new memory, system ran fine before, I have an advanced mobo so I'm assuming its because I need to tweak my memory settings, but I have no idea what to put them at. I would appriciate any help at all with these memory sticks ( see sig for specs ).
  11. nevermind about getting the memory, i allready found a retailer ( friend of mine in Cali ), im getting two of the brand new OCZ EL DDR500 PC-4000 Gold GX XTC 1GB, no idea what chips they are but from what I hear they are better than anything that is out yet, I'll know tomorrow and post all the specs when I hear from my retailer.
  12. uhhh ok, that doesnt asnwer my question about memory timings. Anyway yomi, I wanted to add that your hard drive performance is probally bad because 4 drives in raid 0 are limited by the bus speed, so make sure your running on a PCI-E Raid card, and then you will be running speeds that you want.
  13. Could I run two of these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227052 in 1T Command Rates therefore being faster because they have tighter timings?
  14. Kawasaki, are those settings for my 2-3-2-6 OCz sticks? ( just making sure, other people posted here too )
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