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  1. OK cheers for that. At least I am back up and running and it looks like I wont have to buy a new motherboard
  2. Right that allowed me to get windows installed, so what is my problem and if possible how do I solve it?
  3. OK I did that and got a BSOD about a 'BAD_POOL_CALLER'
  4. Ok, I tried this setup, with the exception of the 'DRAM Drive Strength :7', my BIOS does not allow it. The only choices I have are : Weak1 Normal1 Weak2 Normal2 Weak3 Normal3 Weak4 Normal4 Auto I also had the RAM set to 2T. Still no joy. Anymore ideas or help please peeps. Cheers Bry.
  5. Everything was fine until I swapped the Opteron 144 for the Opteron 146 - I decided to do a format and fresh install of windows just to clean everything up and this is when the problems started. I know for definate that the 146 works as I got it off a good mate and have seen it working in his machine.
  6. DRAM Settings DRAM Frequency : 200=RAM/FSB:01/01 CPC : 1T CAS : 2.5 Trcd : 3 Tras : 7 Trp : 3 Trc : 12 Trfc : 24 Trrd : 3 Twr : 3 Twtr : 2 Trwt : 3 Tref : 3120 Bank Interleave : Enabled Skew Control : Auto Skew Value : 0 DRAM Drive Strength : Auto DRAM Data Drive Strength : Auto Max Async Latency : Auto DRAM Response Time : Normal Read Preamble Time : Auto IdleCycle Limit : 256 Cycles Dynamic Counter : Disable R/W Queue Bypass : 16x Bypass Max : 4x 32 Byte Granularity : Disable(4 Bursts) Genie Settings FSB 200 LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio 3x LDT Bus Transfer Ratio 16d 16u CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio 10x PCIe Frequency 100Mhz Cool'n'Quiet Disabled CPU VID Startup Value Startup CPU VID Control 1.4v CPU VID Special Control Auto LDT Voltage Control 1.2v Chip Set Voltage Conrol 1.5v DRAM Voltage Control 2.7v DRAM +.03v if not 3.2v Disable Mac Lan Auto Mac Media Interface Pin Strap Machine MAC(NV) Address Disabled MAC Lan Boot Rom Disabled Internal Phy SATA 1/2 Enabled Internal Phy SATA 3/4 Enabled VIA 1394 Control Enabled MARVELL Giga Lan Control Enabled Run Memtest86+ : Disabled OK thats how things are standing at the moment.
  7. Tried a single stick in the furthest orange slot and I get the same thing. BIOS settings are all standard....no overclocking. I will post all my GENIE and DRAM settings A.S.A.P.
  8. Hi all, Hope someone can help me with this, Decided to do a clean XP install to freshen up my system after replacing my Opteron 144 with an Opteron 146 and now all I am getting are the dreaded BSOD's when I am trying to install windows. I can boot from CD into the windows setup and partition and format my HDD without any problems, but when the setup tries to copy the files ready for installation I get the BSOD's(varies everytime, so I cant list specific ones). At first I thought it might be RAM issues but I have mem tested both stcks and they pass without any errors, so I am now thinking my motherboard is shot, but surely if this is the case I would not be able to get into the BIOS or even start the XP install? If anyone can help with this please do as I do not really want to buy another motherboard if I dont have to. Thanks in advance Bryan.
  9. Guess this is one for DFI employees, I am currently busy setting up an e-commerce website for the sale of computer hardware/software and I have been trying(unsuccessfully) to contact DFI for any POS(Point Of Sale - pictures and descriptions) of their components that I can use on my website. If any of the DFI Admins or employees can direct me towards an email address or a weblink where this information is available I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance Bryan.
  10. Which motherboard drivers should I use for a new build on this? nVidia or DFI?? Cheers in advance people Bry.
  11. Sorry to hijack this thread but in my 'Task Manager' under 'Processes' it says that the 'System Idle Process' is using 98-99% CPU.......surely this cannot be right...can it?
  12. Hope someonr can answer this for me - sorry for sounding ignorant but this has me slightly confused. On the DFI Website it states that my board has - DXG(Dual Xpress Graphics) supported. Now my question is does this mean I can run 2 Gfx cards in crossfire mode? and if the answer is NO then what the hell does it mean and how do I go about utilizing this feature? Again sorry for sounding ignorant about this but I am thinking about going 'CrossFire' if it is possible with this board. Thanks Bry.
  13. K I will try with the nVidia drivers and report back on how it goes. Thanks for the input everyone
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