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  1. Thnx for the link. Angry to my rescue then My plan is to see the two 40GB drives as ONE 80GB drive and load all my games there. Dont care bout data criticality (just games right?!). I will have two operating systems (XP SP2 and 2K SP4) along with SAP on my SATAII drive. Hope it works. N I find raid very tricky (my first till date) so, would be shooting some more n00b questions :nod:
  2. Really sorry if my question was wague.......... but how??
  3. Hi all, I have two Seagate barracudas (both bought at different times and the model numbers are different too). 1> 40GB Barracuda ATA III (IDE) 2> 40GB Barracuda ATA IV (IDE) Right now I am planning to buy one HITACHI T7250K SATA II drive. My question is, Can I have the two IDE drives in a raid array, and the single hitachi drive working like a normal hdd?
  4. Could you please point me out to the right link (if any) that would show me the points to refer for checking the voltages.....I remember some pic here but I tired searching but was not successful. Forgive me for my ignorance, but how do you distinguish between the 12, 5 and the 3.3 V rails when all the wires are coming out from just one opening in the PSU? I have a antec truepower 480 (v2.0)
  5. You can find the links to the downloads at guru3d.com Also, You can download this too from guru3d
  6. Thanks a lot for the link man, and you too Angry. The best part for me was all that you did in Services.msc. I always used to be very cautious while here, n was just thinking about connectivity when you showed that it infact works!! Nice guess I also wanted to know why was the 'page file turned' off and the 1024MB step after that...... Any inputs.
  7. Now, i'm sorry but the lable just sayz this So, can I use it?? All I know is that its used in operation theaters.
  8. So, can I use surgical sprit for the cleaning. Have a bottle lying around, wanted to know if that does the job.
  9. Some body is getting it for me So, time for a cooler for my eVGA too
  10. Whats the NVidia driver release version?? N, do you have any specific drivers for your monitor if so, try it out. What I understand is that its doin fine in safe mode but not the normal mode. I presume that the OS thinks your monitor cannot support high resolutions (as in the normal mode) and just blanks out.
  11. Just curious. If I get a cooler and then pullout the existing stock cooler to fix this new one, that invalidates the warranty right?? This is of prime importance to me cos, I live in Bangalore, India and have ordered a eVGA 7800 Gt from newegg which will reach me in another week
  12. Hi guys, Viperlair has just posted a review of the UltraD and have compared it to the ASUS P5DGC (never heard of it ). www.viperlair.com/reviews/cpu_mobo/other/s939/dfiud/ I found this review to be different from the others when it comes to judging the overclockablity and tweakability. Doubts regarding the UltraDs performance / a 'buy or not to buy' problem can be solved to a vast extent if you go through the review. But if you are reading this, it means you've already chosen DFI is'nt it??
  13. +1 This is the best way. Since you can play around with anything, like drivers, settings etc and when the OS is as good as dead you just load the ghost again and its alive!
  14. http://sharps.multiservers.com/bios.htm I just was going through one of the new threads (posted by SHARP) and found this. Should definitely be of some use. Have you gone through the steps as in the guide, if not........... He can do the whole bios updating all over again as per the guide right??
  15. Thank you very much. I had been tryin a lot to get the right link for the bios flashing stuff and the one you posted was the best I've seen till now. Guess I always get the search string wrong while in dfi street *edit* The dealer is selling the Antec TX1050B along with the TruePower 2.0 (480w). Is that enough to satisfy my ultraD's hunger (no SLI for now)? Your inputs please.
  16. I see that you just have one HDD. The best option is to back up all your data at a friends place and then formatting your HDD. That way you get to keep all your stuff n get a clean HDD too.
  17. Hi Thunda, I did edit the sig, but after posting . So, can I have my post back now .
  18. Hi everybody my first post, You need to read the rules and make a sig with your complete system specs before you post..
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