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    PATA Drive Raid-0 Setup

    I have my rig up and ready. WinXP loaded on the SATAII drive. While installing XP I made sure that I slipstream the nvraid driver and all related drivers in the 6.7 release by nvidia. Do I just follow the procedure posed by angry on his site? (sans the F6 since I presume that I already have the driver loaded). Please help.
  2. Could anybody throw some light on this. Cos, I have a bluetooth dongle and a memory stick on USB, so, I might stop the HDD by mistake!! But logically speaking, how come the HDD shows up as removeable storage?
  3. no_nonsense4857

    Bios nomenclature?

    Wanted to update my sig. The bottom left hand corner of the screen shows "06/23/2005 NF CK804 6A61FD49C 00" So what does the above finally sum up to?
  4. no_nonsense4857

    OCZ Gold 3200 2-2-2-5 [Timings Wrong in Bios]

    Oh! I thought since OCZ is displaying 2-2-2-5 on the sticker, it would do the same in its SPD memory too. So, to get 2-2-2-5, I need to manually set it in the bios, by choosing manual option right?
  5. no_nonsense4857

    INstalling the Big Typhoon??????

    I went through this entire thread over and over again..... Finally, I decided to go ahead and install the BT with the Thermaltake Back plate. While making a trial run of installing the 'foam pad' I noticed that the 'diodes' (the ones right below the cpu socked, behind the mobo) would be totally blocked and there would be no ventilation at all. If you look at the standard DFI back plate (yellow) you will notice that some thought has been given to ventilate the diodes. So, I decided to leave the yellow DFI backplate as it is. I then pushed the 'pentium screws through the back of the mobo and then secured them with two nuts in the front (to make sure that the screws are perfectly straight) I just hand tightned them. Now I just put one tt metal plate into the BT and then mounted it on the processor (with as5 inbetween). The screws pass through the metal plate and then I took the gold coloured stand offs and hand tightned them too. BT ready! Idle temps in the 31 - 33 centigrades range. Also, I used a string to support the BT when the mobo is verical to avoid the lever forces. One end of the string is tied to the metal fan grill of the BT, and the other end is tied to the horizontal bar of my Antec Enclosure.
  6. I have posted screen shots of a 'proven' method to slipstream the RAID driver into the XP setup disk itself. Its a method formulated by Fernando who is on the same thread as well. Give it a try and tell us what happened. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=35578
  7. no_nonsense4857

    PATA Drive Raid-0 Setup

    Thanks Angry, you just gave me some relief. I take your word for that I am planning to have the Hitachi as a Normal drive, and configure only my two PATA HDDs in a RAID0 Configuration. I have a reason for that cos, I only intend to have games on the RAID0 Config and all the critical data on the Standalone SATA.
  8. no_nonsense4857

    PATA Drive Raid-0 Setup

    How about that AudioUtl folder, the contents within that too??
  9. no_nonsense4857

    PATA Drive Raid-0 Setup

    Just followed the procedure in MSFN forums, and I really dont believe it to be that simple. So, just want your comments. This below is the snapshot of the first screen telling my WinXP attributes (its SP2). Choose 'Integrate Drivers' option in the second screen. Extract the 6.7 drivers into one folder and then point to the 'Legacy' folder under 'XXXIDEWINXP...' and choose the nvraid file. Just say OK to the two files proposed by nLite Once you go back to the original screen, can I add these drivers too?? Finally upon continuing, and clicking YES to finish processing the driver integration. Also, If I would have chosen 'Create Bootable ISO' in the first screen, it would have readied a ISO file. After this process, in addition to the original files on the CD I observed that there is a folder OEM raid, the contents within it could not be opened on notepad but were referring to some nvraid bla bla bla.... Are these the steps to follow, or are there some more to be taken care of. @Admins, I made sure that the files are well within the 800*600 limit. But if I'm not supposed to post so many pics (6 totally) please feel free to delete them, but please dont ban me
  10. no_nonsense4857

    PATA Drive Raid-0 Setup

    Hi Fernando, yup your advice was pretty much what my conscience was trying to drill into my head I have just bought a Hitach T7K250 and dropped the idea to give away my two pata hdds at flea market prices. Now my requirement to drive these two 40GB pata hdds as ONE 80GB (RAID0) is much more critical Anybody who can help me with two PATAs on a Single IDE channel and RAID0 configuration? :confused:
  11. no_nonsense4857

    PATA Drive Raid-0 Setup

    I am trying to slipstream the raid files into the XP installation CD using nLite, but I am unable to find a folder called pata raid under the IDE/WINXP folder. I only see legacy raid tool sata_ide sataraid Should I just go ahead and use the files inside the legacy folder.
  12. Hey no one is hostile here, it is just a pointer that you too can use to get your cpu rma'ed. Cos using this info that they just bark out at you saying that your board is the culprit, you can handle them better now since you know that they do it to every customer. @ExRoadie There was a similar problem with another of our members and a admin of this forum got to talk to some one in AMD and also got an official reply right? Sorry me could not find that link.
  13. We have already read this elsewhere on the forum and I remember one of you admins telling that you will take up the issue with the AMD guys. Any updates on that? AMD cannot just say that DFI fries up their CPUs. DFI, sue them!
  14. no_nonsense4857

    RAID 0 Problems

    Yup you are right as far as the first link is concerned. The second link says that you need a INTEL mother board since the firmware works only on an INTEL, you could plug in your maxtor onto an INTEL, flash it and you are SATAII capable on the DFI! But, first get your hands on the right firmware upgrade files and the procedure too (thats my word of caution).
  15. no_nonsense4857

    PATA Drive Raid-0 Setup

    Hi Fernando, As you said, I will use the 6.7 drivers and also referred msfn forums and as directed will slipstream it into my XP SP2 and give it a try. But I wanted to know from you whether the Master - Slave RAID0 on a single IDE channel has been know to cause problems to the extent that you cannot configure a RAID0 array successfully....its important for me because I can bargain for a better price while buying the Hitachi T7K250 and get my TWO seagate PATA's exchanged for ONE PATA (here exchange prices are very low so not enough to buy another SATA)
  16. no_nonsense4857

    PATA Drive Raid-0 Setup

    Hey you always have the mod staring at you, courtesy the person right above you :nod: So, what say you, its ok if I try the 6.82 drivers in case I have a SLI-D? Also, Any body who can give me a input on the PATA RAID0 problem?
  17. no_nonsense4857

    PATA Drive Raid-0 Setup

    Hi suspekt, I was just going through the below link.... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...0903#post330903 The post #4 pointed me to a link where 'Fernando' has given his inputs. There I found a link to download nF4 drivers with version 6.82 and I thought that the 6.7 were the latest ones..... Any one who have used these drivers? Hope these drivers solve the 'so called' PATA Raid problem?
  18. It was a very informative link. Thank you.
  19. no_nonsense4857

    SATA II solo or SATA I RAID?

    Keeping the 80GB rather than loosing it (since the 160 will get bumped down to 80) is a much saner decision IMO.
  20. no_nonsense4857

    PATA Drive Raid-0 Setup

    My only bet is the Primary Master + Primary Slave (on any IDE channel) because I would be using the other channel for the optical drive
  21. no_nonsense4857

    PATA Drive Raid-0 Setup

    Can anybody help me out on this? Cos, if the manual sayz that a raid array is possible on a single IDE channel with a master and slave then there must be something that we are doing wrong and hence its not workin?
  22. no_nonsense4857

    PATA Drive Raid-0 Setup

    Just check this snapshot from the raid manual. Any comments on this. Cos it contradicts to what you are suggesting.
  23. Hi Madu, If you've finished assembling your comp, then could you please edit your sig and update it with your present specs. Would help the masters here to trouble shoot better I'm telling this because, the first thing I want to know is whether your Maxtor is a SATAII and if so, you can check out some issues with the Maxtors and their firmware.....
  24. no_nonsense4857

    new setup wont even come on

    By all those colours, you mean I'm supposed to use the multimeter and 'touch' the multimeter leads on the 'plugs coming out of my powersupply', what did you actually mean by 'dmm'?
  25. no_nonsense4857

    PATA Drive Raid-0 Setup

    You mean to say that if I have to run a raid array on the IDE channels, I will have to use up both the masters on the only two channels on my DFI and once I do that, the 'Slaves' are useless???? I'm already over budget (raid cards dont cost that much, but I just wanted to use the feature thats all)...... So, The conclusion is that if I run a raid array using my barracudas (IDE) then I will not be able to use my optical drives right??? Is there any way out without the extra raid card? If not, then me trashing the idea