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  1. Well that is exactly what i'm shooting for. New egg is listing this RAM on a 'on and off' basis. Luckily its still the same model number and timings. Only thing that scares me is after buying the sticks, i get to know that it was a bad decision. Spending 90 USD makes sense rather than spending a bomb on a new system.... Wanted to confirm this with other DFI mobo users if 4 X 1 GB of the SAME RAM is fine. Still holding back on the purchase and will wait for you DFIers to comment.
  2. DFI users, i need some help here. Can i just go ahead and pop in two more sticks of the same Mushkin Redline (model # 991493) without . off my mobo? My finances allows me to do only this one upgrade and may be one with the graphic card some where next year. I still believe the Opteron + 4 GB + say a Radeon 5xxx series would keep it working smoothly with games in say medium candy for the entire 2010. Planning for a upgrade to Windows 7. Hence this thought of going up on the RAM. Please advise.
  3. Thank you ganders75. Yes, insane pricing there Lets see in case i can source it from the US.
  4. Hi ganders75, You almost shocked by my question Thanks for the link. Too lazy and i thought 'i know it' . Now, all wrong notions down the drain. Its really on my to-do list when i get the arctic silencer for my graphic card... hopefully a evercool too Usually get my stuff from newegg and keep my fingers crossed so that somebody gets it back to India. Unlucky that there was not even one shop selling the NV Silencer5 (7800GT)... Finally got a friend to buy it from yoyotech.co.uk. Waiting for him to get back and get ahead with the lapping and other stuff. Could you suggest any online store in the UK where i could get the evercool vc-re? Thank you.
  5. Hi ganders75, I've done lapping of iron cubes in our engineering lab. Hence, i understand what forces are exerted while holding it in a vice and lapping it... but how would you lap the surface of the processor or for that matter, lap the surface of a heat spreader (given that you would not be able to take off the copper tubes). I have no idea of that 'chemically lapped' process too.. I could use the option 2 in case i go the water cooling way.
  6. Hi Wil, Superb cable management n a transaprent HDD that too mounted face front.... guess you can park your car inside that cabinet of yours..... evercool, bigtyphoon..... all that 120 mm nirvana......... great system. Hi AnUnknownSource, i just did not want to give up on the fact that my stock setting would scale up to 50C at load. Guess, i'll have to live with it. So, once taken into consideration..... it dose'nt hurt me much. Planning to get a evercool.... so i'll be forced to take out the mobo..... will make sure that the AS5 is properly applied. The mounting of the bigtyphoon is a bit slant because the clamps through holes are a bit offset to the horizontal axis. My room was at a warm 25C when running orthos.
  7. hi technodanvan, I have a case with decent ventilation. I'll post a pic once i'm back home. I opened up the side cover and also pointed another fan directly at the BigTyphoon. All i got was a reduction in temps by two degrees.... 47-48C in this case. So, i presume that the ventilation has nothing to do with my problem. What say you?
  8. But you are lucky wil. You are hitting a cool, breezy 31C after overclocking and at a CPU voltage of 1.55v I verified the temps after running orthos.... it still reads 48C. Will i be able to over clock this system at all?
  9. Thank you very much for your patience fellow diyers I did take out the BigTyphoon and reseat it... two rice grains... n a bit of the oozed out AS5 Reseating the BT is a real pain in the butt, need to be very careful, else its a cantilever waiting to rip your mobo off. Now, i could not reason it out, but the restarting problem has not occurred till now. But, the temps are still up there. I've given special attention to powering the mobo like soundx98 advised. Also, its NOT a antec true blue (neways, i'll deal with the temp problem for now). soundx98, longer the suggestion, better the digestion. Could'nt slap her cos, she's got this sub 2 KG rotating mass on the processor
  10. Hi soundx98, I was trying out different options available because of the below problems... a) Once i enter the password and hit enter (win XP logon), i log in and in a span of 10 seconds, the computer restarts. When logged in the second time, its stable. B) The bios shows 44C. WinXP shows approx 40C (soon after logon) and it comes down to 34C after running idle for a minute or so. c) When i run two instances of prime95, the temps rise to 50C. Given this scenario, do i have a chance to overclock at all :sad: I went through various threads here and below are some cues i picked up... AMD Driver & Optimizer. I have installed the recent AMD WinXP Driver and then went ahead and installed the dual core optimizer. As advised in many posts, i have not run the MS Hotfix as the recent AMD drivers do everything. Bios settings. The are set to optimized defaults. Power connectors on the DFI board. All the 4 connectors in place from day one. External USB Devices conflict. I have no USB devices on the system. Temperature tracking s/w conflict. Uninstalled all the sofwares tracking temperatures (smart guardian, core temp, everest). Still both the problems remain. Automatic Restart. Unchecked the 'Restart Automatically' option in Advanced Options. Right now, i am not worrying about the restarting. My worry is the temps. Is 50C with dual instances of prime normal for a stock Opteron 180 (room temp at 24C)? :confused: Any suggestions would be very helpful.
  11. Hi DFIers, I had a CPU temperature problem which was discussed here... http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=67419 I was suggested coretemp by oc newbie and on installing it, i now could see 'two' temperatures of the two cores. ITE Smartguardian does not do that. Also, the polling rate of both the reporting programs are different, so the average is not always accurate. Now i see a difference of nearly 9C :confused: Is that normal or is there a problem and i must ask for a replacement? Please help.
  12. Hi oc, In this case, 44C at 40% load is bad I've not tried everest and coretemp. Will google them up and post the temps reported by them. I am not worrying about the pwmic temps, cos i got to know from here that they can run @ 70 - 80C without any problems. I'll post a pic of my cabinet asap. I'll have to deal with the pwmic temps when overclocking, so will look into that once i'm done with the cpu temp problem.
  13. Thanks MadZalmanModder. I felt the same too, regarding the logic behind bios reporting 44C. Good to have a confirmation Would the cpu still be running at 100% if i opt to run memtest from the bios? Just curious. With regards to the screen shot below. I ran two instances of prime95 and was tracking the cpu temps. Here is the confusing part. Within the OS and @ 100% load, the cpu heats up to 50C. If the cpu is running @ 100% in the bios and reporting 44C. Then why is it reporting 50C when its run at 100% once inside the OS?
  14. Hi helpers, I was lucky enough to lay my hands on the opteron 180 for my nF4 UltraD. The upgrade was a see saw ride for me. You can read it here: http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=79050 I have an observation to make and ask for your help... My system restarts when i try to log in to Windows XP. But it goes through fine the second time without any problems. I installed ITE Smart Guardian and as soon as i log on, it reports a CPU temperature of 40C. Then in a minute, it settles down to a comfortable 33C. Is this normal? Also, i restarted and got into the bios and observed that it reads the CPU temp at 44C. I have enabled the shut down feature in the bios to 60C. But please could anybody help me out with this observation. I did not reinstall XP (its SP2 with all patches). Instead, i just changed the processor and RAM.
  15. Hi Diyers, I have no idea as to what the 'enable' option in this pic means. Could anybody clarify the purpose of this tab please.
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