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  1. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/productlist....tid=6&subid=567 £40 new x3800 dual core
  2. if going c2d, would look @ with the new x35 chipset, they all getting grt reviews, can o/c very well, not that exp & some rdy for ddr3 & next new intel cpu. gigabyte , asus & abit have some good ones, new dfi due soon as well
  3. did u clear the cmos after u updated your bios, should always do that. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22031 d/l tmods cd for updating u bios, winflash has caused probs for a good few ppl.
  4. grt deals there, sent mail to see if they will send to the uk, on 2 fans & chipset cooler i would save £20+ (almost $40.) thks for the link
  5. Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro CPU Cooler , is a good cooler, aint that exp as well, can b picked up for around £17. Scythe Ninja Plus Rev.B Heatpipe CPU Cooler << have read some good reviews on these as well, but they huge & r almost 1kg in wieght http://www.overclockers.co.uk/productlist....bid=821&rows=50 link 2 a good few coolers from £10 to £50+++
  6. http://theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=35127 just read this, seems Amd have a loads of opterons left & are gonna reduce the price on them. good news for ppl that dont wanna go am2 or c2d
  7. Welcome 2 The forum, just keeps getting better here
  8. thks t-ski, info on this forum if grt :)
  9. thks for the advice guys, the tower was an option, was hoping that a few had fitted it without any probs, will not bother with hd cooler as well now on the panaflo fans , heard there good, but have search many a uk stores websites, cnat find any that have them. will keep looking, case & chipsetfan come tomm also watch Ag vidoe of replacing it, looks like it aint that hard if u paying attention, is changing the cooler on the g card much the same ? again thsk
  10. Case i have the now has 2 80mm fans & artic freezer pro Temps are Cpu 32-35c idle Cpu prime after 2 hrs 50-60c Chipset idle 45c Prime after 2 hrs 55-65c ----------------------------- after reading & seeing amazing pics of modded cases with extra cooling ect here on dfi, thinking time is right 2 get a new case & some proper cooling, got some Spare cash the now. this what i am thinking off, if any one can give any good - Bad advice on these components, or r there better products in a simaler price range, any info b grt. Also could any 1 recommend Fan Controller. (something i have Never Used) Lian-Li PC-7 PLUS Black Aluminium Midi-Tower Tuniq Tower 120 CPU Cooler (october For UK) almost 1 kg lol Zalman VF900-CU Quiet Copper VGA Evercool VC-RE << got this on order Evercool HD-F117 HDD Cooler Fans looking @ 2 replace ones in lian li case 2x Evercool Spider Filter 120mm Fan & Filter or 2 X Akasa Amber Ultra Quiet 120mm good fancontoller
  11. did u clear the cmos? after updating bios
  12. if know 1 can help, try ebay, one site does badges,stickers for almost any named brand of pc makers aint exp & sure they will do int shipping
  13. shame newegg would ship outside of USa, they seem 2 always have great deals
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