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  1. yo, i'd remember building my system and i had the same problem but another important thing u should notice is the power supply, did u supply the power source to the graphic card? thats what i forgot to do and it worked fine when i plug the power source.
  2. Sweet dang about time i got sli to work...with the expert i had to update the bios some reason then i set the "Sli Aperture" to work thanks a lot guys
  3. does anyone have a clue on how to enable sli mode with this dfi motherboard...i tried setting it up by changing the bios to enable 8x 1x nc 8x and enble 6800 gt sli mode but whenever i do that my disable will go blank after it restarts PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hello, i am totally new to this forum and totally noob to overclocking; however looking foward into doing it, but anywayz i just started to build one and decided to go for a good motherboard. Read some reviews and decided to go with a DFI, kinda bad choice for a noobie who dont know much about overclocking...but here's the main question....i think i got arctic silver onto the pins and maybe inside the cpu slot too since i tried to replace a new heatsink. so therefore, after window loads up, there is no display and after a few good minutes it would restart automactically. wat could be the issue?!
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