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  1. First impression: "Holy Cripes!!!!" Being as this item is something of a mystery around here, I sprung for one. $206 from The Nerds.com My work schedule means it will take me a while to get going, but judging solely from its appearance: I'm really ticked off I dropped $50 on a heat pipe CPU cooler, seeing as this monster is "only" 4X the price. It's like a Ford 150 vs an 18 wheeler. 8-) The damned box is as tall as my kitchen counter, and I estimate the o.a. weight at ca 25 lbs. The radiator is as long as Juliet Prowse's legs and is covered up by 3 - 120mm fans (look like Panaflos). It's not as exciting as those legs, but its appearance is sure to bring a smile to a would-be overclocker's face. 8-) Barring a manufacturer's fiasco, this unit combined with one of Danger Den's beautiful VGA blocks should make for an amazing combo, especially for an install-impaired lamer like myself. I'll update the group a.s.a.p. to best of my limited ability.
  2. I'm interested mostly since it appears it might run virtually silently because of its sheer mass and low rpms. Trying to pull that off inside a tower case looks impossible. Building such a system outside a case would be intimidating at best. Yea, Thermaltake looks especially good when it's the only game in town. 8-) For some reason, I didn't pull up those review links when I Googled the damned thing. Thanks for the guidance.
  3. Anyone here own or seen a review of a Thermaltake Symphony water cooling system or its smaller variation, the Symphony-Mini? What's the word?
  4. I have neither the means nor the skills to do a "review" of this product, but I can offer some observations for anyone so inclined: The Jing Ting 006 is of copper construction, and it is pretty to look at. However, despite its appearance, there is only one direction in which it can be installed on an Ultra-D motherboard. 8-( If set to face CPU/RAM, it will close off the 4-pin power socket. If set to face the long edge of the board, it will block long vid cards (like my XFX 7800 GTX}. It can be properly installed only if it faces away from the CPU/RAM, in which case it may block the other PCI slots, depending on your cards' lengths. In my situation, I had to relocate my X-Fi Fata1ity card to the endmost PCI slot. The heatpipe can be extended/retracted/pivoted to some extent to improve clearances. That said, it is totally silent even with the fan at full rpm. It sports a blue LED that whose brilliance is proportional to the voltage feeding the fan. I have been running the Prime95 Torture test on my rig for the past 3 hours. The temperature of the NF4 is 46C. FWIW, the core temp of my FX-57 at 2.8 is also 46C with a brand new Thermalright X-90 installed, cooled by a 92mm Panaflo low-speed (1200 rpm) fan. Arctic Silver 5. More use might drop the temps a bit. (All measurements via MBM5) Were it not for the 4-pin power supply socket issue, there would have been no clearance issue to that side even with a Thermalright S-128 installed. I hope this info is of use to someone.
  5. Anakan - Mercifully, you seem to be correct. 8-) Under best-case conditions: No overclocking, no side on the aluminum mid-tower case and with a 120 mm Panaflo blowing some air in from the bottom-front, I read a fairly constant 35 C via MBM5, and there is extremely little noise. IMHO, were the sink not making good contact, slidability notwithstanding, there is no way an FX-57 would run that cool. If the temps go up when I do my planned mild overclocking, I don't think I can fairly blame the SI-128 and its hair-raising mounting scheme. For my next act... 8-(, I just ordered a Jing Ting Ding-a-Ling 006 chipset heatsink from Jab-tech. I'll advise if this works out in a new thread. Something must be done about that air-raid siren DFI passes off as a chipset cooler. I want to try this because someone's street photos certainly make it appear that the Thermalright H05SL won't clear the monstrous heat pipes of the SI-128. The Jing thing only uses one pipe, but this clearly might allow some pivoting of the fins around the horizontal axis of the pipe. Can it thus be tilted so as to clear the SI-128 pipe? Stay tuned. 8-)
  6. I am not really smart... merely a cheap s.o.b. 8-) I just installed and tested an FX-57, now that the price dropped an order of magnitude. But still.. $600! Ergo, I don't want to risk a crunch job. (I haven't the least idea as to what it looks like under an FX can.) I have taken a pair of vise grips and bent the S-Clip arms down a tad. It still took much pressure to slide the clip on, but having done so, I find it possible to slide the heatsink around on the FX-57 surface. This can't be done with the factory sink. (sand anyone? hee-hee) When I fire it up, I will spend the first few hours monitoring the CPU temp carefully to be sure I have firm contact. (Arctic Silver 5) FWIW, I'll let you in on what happens. If it doesn't appear superior to the stock sink, off it comes and out it goes. I'm not a happy camper when it comes to this mickey mouse mounting scheme. For an expensive heatsink like this, Thermalright should have hired a mechanical engineer. 8-)
  7. Area51 - Thanks for the quick reply. I tried backing off the screw, but I see where I haven't yet gotten to the stage where the spring enters the picture. When I hook the bracket to the RM along the back side of the board, and center the pillar into the sink hole, I wouldn't be able to hook the other bracket to the RM on the heatsinks side without the use of a mighty forearm. 8-( I would need to bend the nearly unbendable S-Clip down another 1/8" to have it slide over the hooks, and the force required to do this makes me a tad nervous. When you affixed your SI-128, did you really have to mash the damn thing down? If so, I'll give it a shot. Perhaps I am a miserable weenie because of never having dealt with more than factory sinks or wc blocks. I had actually, albeit stupidly, expected the end pieces would simply fit firmly but easily over the RM hooks, such that the locking spring applied the desired amount of tension. Ho-Ho-Ho!
  8. I am finding it impossible to install a new SI-128 on my NF4 LanParty without crushing its new 64 FX-57 into liquid form. The stock AMD heat pipe cooler fits easily enough. The install pictures make it look like a piece of cake! Has someone seen this before who could advise me what I'm probably doing wrong?
  9. But, just to set the record straight, on page 127 of the LanParty NF4 manual regarding installing Windows NVidia drivers, it says: "Make sure you have selected 'NVIDIA IDE DRIVER' because this driver will replace Windows ATA drivers enabling the processor and other system level hardware to be more productive and efficient." Therefore, I intend to do just that as soon as Memtest returns my new install to me. 8-) XP SP-2 currently onboard. Esh
  10. Hardware installed along with XP SP-2. What goes next? My XFX disc has 77.72 drivers. I downloaded a file from nVidia labelled 6.53 drivers. Of those, which should NOT be loaded? Video first? tia TomEsh
  11. Thanks. I have now hooked up the CD burner and the FDD. (Of course, I began with the FDD cable reversed.) I booted from TMods CD, and I am now ready to hit the key for "[8] - DFI nF4 N4d623-3" 8-)
  12. Installed 2 sticks memory, AMD X2 4200+ and XFX 7800 GTX, mouse, KB and small LCD. Boots, all LEDs turn off seriatim. Screen hangs at the nVidia Boot (as expected.. no HDD), but only 256 RAM registered on first display lines. Should my very next step be to update the BIOS to 6-23-05 followed by trying to install the Serial ATA HDD? tia. BTW, the rig is relatively silent. I was preparing for worse. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/newthread....newthread&f=33# Smilie TomEsh
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