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  1. Well, been following this thread on and off for a few months and to be honest I've been having a snigger at all you poor CFX3200 owners, as my A8R32 has no such issues with it's ULi controller. That is, until now (I guess Karma is getting me back), I just swapped out some drives: bye bye 3x Seagate 7200.7, hello 2x Seagate 7200.10 & 1 raptor 150gb. Installed the raptor first and did notice some freezes, nothing huge just figured I needed a cleanup. Anyway, I finished my cleanup and I still get the occasional freeze(2 or 3 seconds at random & long freeze on boot). I've not tried the new ULi bios yet, but may just get rid of the Raptor as it's too noisy & installing it seemed to kick off the freezing:mad:
  2. Ran the 18/3/2006 drivers... no changes. Ran seatools on all the drives and no errors reported! A8R32-MVP arrived today :nod: so this board is goin to be rma'd and put on ebay.
  3. Using exact same drivers as you. try downloading SATARaid tool from SiL's website. Anyway, it seems to be same drive going offline so backing it all up to test the disk and see if i need to rma it.
  4. Ok, recently re-installed X64(final with all updates) and it's all running fine except for one thing: When I run Azureus(most recent version) my RAID 0 array disappears from the the system after about 15 to 20 minutes. Using SiL's SATARAID tool to check the array; status shows that one disc has gone offline. If i unplug the SATA connector to the drive & plug it back in the array will come back online and work until around 15 minutes after running Azureus Anyway, without Azureus the drives work fine, anyone else had this issue? is it a software prob? a controller prob? would appreciate any input........ -Antho
  5. Ok.... been suffering slow HDD speeds since i got this board, and being a tolerant sort I've lived with it. Anyway, as this board gets more and more on my nerves, I've decided to sort it out. I've got 2 Seagate 7200.8 SATA150 160gb set up in stripe and I'm getting a rather dismal 60 MB/s transfer rate using ATTO disk benchmark http://members.home.nl/rvandesanden/ATTO%20benchmark.html . Basically I'd really like to sort out this, especially if I've some daft mistake! I'd appreciate it if someone else could run this benchmark so I can at least compare results. My results: 2x Seagate 7200.8 160 on SiL3114: 60MB/s 1x Maxtor 7200.8 160 on ATi : 50MB/s 1x Seagate 7200.8 120 on ATi: 54MB/s
  6. Just got 3396, GFX card at stock & X2 @2475mhz, not bad i suppose
  7. I'm not overly impressed with the RAID stup on the SiL3114, it really is slow! peaking about 80 MB/sec too. Possible to move a near full RAID 0 setup to the 3112 controller?
  8. ummmm..... this is embarassing........ turns out my mobile fell behind my tower and thats what was beeping felt like a proper tit! BUT, xp died again, about 5 mins later(2 deaths on first bios and this one after2 weeks of sweet running)! 3rd partition that this board has killed...seems to happen when doing anything disk intensive(data recovery this time) at least i'd slipstreamed an up to date xp disc. My memory timing is at 2T and auto everything else, anything else and the board is horribly unstable. Will up the voltage and see what improvements it gives. But, i reckon if the next bios isn't an improvement this board is gettin binned
  9. Ok, having had yet more problems with this board(XP died again, too many boot failures to count, SATA issues etc etc.), it's now giving a single beep approximately every 5 minutes? Any ideas?
  10. Try the BETA bios it solved my SATA issues. http://us.dfi.com.tw/Upload/BIOS/rdx2b02.zip
  11. Well,at least I'm not the only one. Sort of regret dumping my AGP setup for this! Anyway not gonna touch the bios until the next update at least.... Can't be arsed with Installing XP again, especially when I gotta call Microsoft to activate it :mad: Hope at these probs are sorted soon
  12. Haven't tried it yet, Want to make sure it is stable on standard setting before I mess with BIOS....
  13. Okay, Finally got this board up and running(Through various crashes I managed to lose the contents of my XP partition!) Anyway, with the beta bios, 02/11/05, it's running reasonably well.... Until I'm running the performace tuner app in Sandra, usually use it just to check out any probs it sees with my setup, BUT as soon as it starts analysing the chipset I get a blue screen and a re-boot(has happened twice). A bit overly cautious of checking it again as one of the blue screens I recieved while setting this rig up managed to kill my XP partition :confused: . Anyway, just curious if this has happened to anyone else?
  14. Emailed tech support through the site, had a response within 4 hours, shipped the board to holland... total time about 10days.
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