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    SIL and ULI Raid

    Thanks for the reply CP, I'll get the flashing done, and let you know if all works out. Thanks again.
  2. BrIONwoshMunky

    SIL and ULI Raid

    I have just made the switch to my CF-3200DR, and I too am getting the 'option ROM can not invoke' error that prevents me from entering the SIL BIOS. I'm just wondering what I can do to get into the SIL bios, and as previous posts suggest, I need to either flash a BIOS, but there are 3 different ones on the board from what I gather, the Board's individual BIOS, and then the 2 seperate RAID BIOS's, and I'm wondering which one I should look into flashing, and what version I should look into flashing to.
  3. BrIONwoshMunky

    Connector-Z or something else 3-pin fan pins

    Well, Jab-tech finally sent me an e-mail during Game 7 of the NLCS. SO HORRAY, I finally am getting my pins, which means I can install my cross-fire setup, which means I'll be happy, which means HOOOORAAAAAYYYYY!
  4. BrIONwoshMunky

    Thermalright HR-05 SLI review

    The HR-05-SLi also comes with a neat little square foam gasket if you want to use it, to take some of the stress off of the chipset and transfer it to the foam, and outside of the socket. I thought I had a picture with it installed, but I guess I didn't.
  5. BrIONwoshMunky

    Connector-Z or something else 3-pin fan pins

    Yeah, I don't mean to be a picky ninny, but those are the solder type, and the connector-z's are crimp type. Not to mention I have the plastic parts, I just need the pins. GRRRRRR.... Jab-tech's going to get a call on Monday/today/whatever to see if they have an ETA on them or if they've stopped carrying them. That would just be a kick to the groin...
  6. BrIONwoshMunky

    Connector-Z or something else 3-pin fan pins

    ha ha, performance-pcs.com doesn't have them either... they've only got the female pins. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ind...index&cPath=174 And soundx, I've got all the sleeving and EVERYTHING else, except the freakin pins. PS : Thanks for the link though!
  7. http://www.jab-tech.com/ConnectorZ-Male-3-...ck-pr-2369.html I'm looking for those or something like them, so I can make fan extension cables, I've ordered them once, but when I went back, they were all out... and that was like 3 weeks ago. LAME any suitable replacement would work awesome if anyone knows of any. I don't want to just lengthen the fan wires by splicing in extra wire, even though it'll work, I want to make the cables.
  8. BrIONwoshMunky

    Incorrect Flash Issues

    See if you can't just RMA the BIOS chip if you're worried about the flash.
  9. BrIONwoshMunky

    Who makes the worlds best burrito?

    LaBamba's found on larger college campuses throughout the mid-west they boast "Burrito's as big as your head!" and at 4:30 a.m. after much drinking, I can tell you they satisfy. But then again, I could've probably eaten an equal amout of kitty litter and given the same review... http://www.labambaburritos.com/
  10. BrIONwoshMunky

    Problem with Evercool VC-RF and DFI SLI-DR

    Hmm, I installed the VC-RF on my SLi-DR with no modifications... and it dropped the chipset temps, and quieted down the nasty stock cooler... and yes, it was the VC-RF and not the RE... I've moved on to an HR-05-SLi cooler though.
  11. BrIONwoshMunky

    Scythe Infinity on CFX3200???

    If it's anything like the ninja, and I assume it would be, you should be able to clip the fan on any of the four sides, as this product picture from jab-tech shows:
  12. BrIONwoshMunky

    Technodanvan's FS Thread - $400 E6700!!

    Bump for getting the DVD's and rediscovering the awesomeness that is Futurama.
  13. BrIONwoshMunky

    Which DFI mb is best for me?

    All of the items in my sig that are underlined are links to those products on newegg, or wherever I purchased the item.
  14. BrIONwoshMunky

    I have $500 to blow on my PC! HELP

    Happy has ya set right up there.
  15. BrIONwoshMunky

    I have $500 to blow on my PC! HELP

    For $500 he should be able to drop in a killer GFX card... the only thing his sig system seems to be lacking.