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  1. Yeah - it is in fact in the second pcie slot, and I'm unable to try the first pcie slot, as I have switched the chipset hsf for a passive Zalman northbridge heatsink, which blocks my putting a full length card in the first pcie slot.
  2. Hi, having a strange problem here. Half of the time my video card does not initialize properly. But all the diagnostic leds go out, and the computer boots normally into windows (I can hear the annoying windows login jingle...). But the monitor just stays in stand by, it never comes on. After a few times of turning the computer off and trying again, the display will suddenly come alive and everything will work fine - but it just _never_ works the first time. Very strange. My card has dual dvi, it makes no difference what output the monitor is connected to. Have anyone experienced something similar? Anyone with suggestions for troubleshooting, I am kind of stumped here :confused: Maybe I should try the beta bios?
  3. You're running yours a bit overclocked though, right? You know by any chance what kind of temperatures you're getting at idle and load on your GPU? @Dimsum: Hmm, your second slot only runs pcie x8 you say? Are you sure? Although you have the SLI version of my mobo, I'm pretty sure that my manual says the second "large" pcie slot also runs x16 - but I have been wondering about that. As far as the difference between 512 and 256 mb ram, there is almost none, and that goes for nearly all games. A few games have started having such large textures that it makes a little difference, but it is still something that is only noticeable in a benchmark, not in your experience of the game.
  4. @prayer: Trust the reading in the bios Short story: At 2500=10x250 @ 1.42V, and this is probably where I'll stay. Long story: Still very much in the testing phase (haven't run 8hr Prime yet, only 2hrs or so), but I seem to get a very stable system with my X2 [email protected] 2500=10x250 1.43v. Running my RAM at 1:1, 3-4-4-8 2.6v. Tested for Super-pi 32m stability a few times and has had 10 hours uptime today with no problems noticed. I tried to go higher, and could get the cpu to 2650=10x265, with RAM at slowest settings to test the CPU limit. Had to raise voltage to 1.65v to get there though. I could actually get Windows to boot at 10x285, but it insta-crashed in superpi. Same story all the way down to 265 actually. More voltage could probably get it more stable at higher clocks. Trying to get the RAM to 1:1 at 265 failed though. Timings are already pretty loose, so didn't want to try any further and I don't want to run on divider. Anyway, the voltage bump resulted in a 10c rise in temperature, and I am going primarily for a cool and quiet system, so I backed down to 10x250 again So looks like this is as far as I will go with this one, with the RAM apparently holding me back. A 8hr+ Prime run is due for tomorrow.
  5. A note on my experiences with the Ultra-D in the Antec P180 case. Not necessarily the optimal case for this mobo for two reasons: First, the location of the 24 pin power connector means I have had to route the cable around the gfx card and it is stretched to its maximum length, putting pressure on the gfx card. Second, the location of the back 120mm case fan means that it is IMPOSSIBLE to use the Karajan audio module with this case, unless you want to remove the back fan - and you don't! So had to get myself a Soundblaster X-Fi, what a shame :shake: As I wanted silence, I removed the noisy little fscker of a chipset fan and added a passive Zalman Northbridge heatsink. But that meant making the first PCIe x16 slot unusable for gfx cards, since the northbridge chip is directly behind the first PCIe x16 slot, and the Zalman NB heatsink is quite large. No problem though, just mounted the gfx card in the second PCIe slot. This has obviously nothing to do with the case, I just wanted to note that the northbridge hsf is a noisy sunuvabitch and replacing it with something better means blocking off the first pcie x16 slot But apart from those nuisances, this is quite simply the nicest case I have ever seen! OMG! Everything just reeks of quality (except for crappy vga duct which I have removed and thrown out, like everyone else), and the case mounted fans are just amazingly quiet when run on the lowest setting. Highly recommended!
  6. Just a little report on my initial experiences with my new gear and the overclock ability. Alright, so just built this rig and was excited to see where I could go. From this forum it seemed that the average X2-3800 might be able to around 2500MHz - some are able to push it higher, like 2800 or even 2900, but not many. As for my RAM, I was going for 2x1 gig, and the consensus seems to be that you're not able to push them as far as a set of top-end 2x512 dimms. Went for the G.Skill Extreme PC4000 HZ which are based on the UCCC chip. Assembled the basics, fired up the comp and it booted without probs. My gfx card was making one hell of a racket. Since I was trying to go for a system where silence was my top priority, I pulled it out and added a Zalman VF700 to it instead of the craptacular hsf-combo it came with. Tried booting a again; no dice?!? Wtf? Diagnostics led said the ram was the problem? Strange, hadn't touched it. They were mounted in the orange slots. Tried them one by one in the orange slot closest to the edge, everything worked fine (the one closest is almost blocked of by the immense Scythe Ninja, not easy access). Tried both in the orange again. No go. Swapped them to the yellow slots. Lift off! Put in harddiscs and optical drives and installed OS. Everything looked stable at stock (ram was all auto settings at this point). Now to see where the cpu limit was. Put the ram speeds way down (1:2), and started cranking up the FSB. Hit the wall around 10x255. Hmm, a bit early, considering that it was the straight CPU speed I was testing. A little disappointed. Some more testing and got it Superpi 32m stable, 3dmark05 stable at 10x250 Started cranking up the RAM divider towards 1:1. No problem, got all the way to 1:1 with superpi stableness all the way. Ran 3dmark05 again, 3dmark03 as well, and ran Prime for 2 hours only (will let it run tomorrow while at work). Used ram settings from http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ighlight=gskill So everything is seemingly stable now at 10x250 1.46V, RAM 1:1 3-4-4-8 1T 2.6V I'm actually quite satisfied with this for a first attempt. The RAM is performing admirably and the CPU has hit the average overclock just fine. Has been years since I last overclocked anything, and for just one days work this is certainly acceptable. As I said, silence is top priority for me, so even if I could push the cpu higher with higher voltage, this would probably require more cooling, and I prefer to keep all my fans at lowest possible rpm. Temperatures are idle 30c / load 39c. TODO: Tighten ram timings. Not sure that is possible, see the thread above. These 1 gig sticks seem to need loose timings, but as has been shown in many tests, tighter timings only give a small increase in synthetic benchmarks and almost no percieved difference in real world application (i.e. games). Try for lower voltage on the cpu and still have stability at 2500. Try the beta bios and see if I can get the cpu to go higher on that. Test for 8hr Prime stable
  7. I got more or less the same result in 3dmark05 on my first run, got 4978, so seems the right order of magnitude for a 6800GT anyway. Note that my card only has 256 mb ram. 3dmark05 might not be that sensitive to whether you have 256 or 512 or your card though.
  8. Ah, great, exactly the info I needed - I was unsure whether there were actually two physically separate cores under the heatspreader. Well, I went for somewhat-larger-rice-grain approach, and getting 30c idle/43c load temperatures (21c room) with my Scythe Ninja + 120mm Pabst combo. That seems reasonable, no?
  9. this is kinda off-topic, but I'll fire this question of to this knowledgeable crowd here in the hopes someone has the answer I'm building my rig as we speak, and was about to mount the cpu in the mobo. However, the Arctic Silver 5 appliance instructions - the "rice grain" method - states you should put a small dab in the center of the cpu heat spreader, as this is where the heat is coming from (the core is directly underneath). But what of the case of dual core cpus? Should I just go for the old fashioned smear-it-everywhere approach, should I stick to the "rice grain" method - or is a new and improved dual-rice-grain method necessary Any input would be appreciated.
  10. @extremegamer: Yeah, I was definately planning to go for the "baby steps" approach anyway, but I'll give you a pm if things don't chug along. @supershanks: Off-topic, but that is a strange clublogo to have in your sig when your location is listed as "Manchester" Thanks for input people, appreciate it. From Tamilles results it appears that tight timings are off-limit with these sticks, but as has been shown before, timings are not that important with the A64s. I'd be happy to eventually get where Tamille ended up. Now if only that accursed mailman would show up with my sticks...
  11. Great link, cheers! He is getting some pretty good overclocks for them being 2x1 gb sticks, with 2x1 sticks being poor for overclocks and all. I wasn't expecting them to go much higher than the rated 250MHz, maybe 260MHz, but this looks promising Man, all this reading on the forum had better pay off. Now if only my Seasonic psu will play ball...
  12. Expecting the final pieces for my new build today, as per my sig. I am looking for advice on the mem settings for my 2x1 gb PC4000 G.Skill Extreme (F1-4000USU2-2GBHZ). I have searched the forums, but there does not seem to be (m)any running this mem. Can anyone offer some advice on any memory settings they have found to be good for this specific RAM? Also, I note that they are running on the same chips as the OCZ PC4000 EL Gold (Samsung UCCC) - can I make the assumption that similar settings will do (I am guessing 'no'...)? Thanks in advance, looking forward to getting this rig up and running
  13. I agree with your point, nothing is just and black or white like that. Well, not all come here to solve problems - some also just come to brag about their ridiculously high overclocks But my point is more this: I haven't found other threads about faulty memory sticks on the board with so many people having more or less the same problem with the same memory, and all within a short timespan. This seems to indicate that at the very least the combination of a DFI board and 2x1 gig ballistix sticks seems to be more fault-prone configuration than any other I have seen around here. You could probably find a thread with more than 25 people complaining about faulty OCZ mem of some kind, but there appears to be a much larger fraction of people using OCZ mem here in the first place, and so the relative failure rate is probably much higher with these ballistix sticks than any other I have read about so far. Even if there 225 other people here on the forum with no problem with their 2x1 gig ballistix (and I doubt that there are that many - 2x1 gig is not that common yet), it still means you have an apparent 10% chance of ram failure, which at least to me is unacceptably high. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope that everybodys ballistix problems get solved soon.
  14. I'm SO following this thread. I'm putting together a system at the moment - specs in sig - and had decided to go for the 2x1 gig ballistix, but after reading this thread I'll probably reconsider. Up until now I'm counting 25 (!) users with dead sticks or at the very least sticks that put out memtest errors. Compare that to 4 users that have no problems. There definately seems to a bad batch of ballistix out there. Hmm, back to my search for good 2x1 gig sticks that are affordable - ram is freakishly expensive in Denmark :sad: For instance, 2x1gb OCZ Gold PC4000 (OCZ5002048ELGE-K) is roughly 470 USD in Denmark... Ach mein Leben! Have any of the people that reported ram-death early in this thread had better results with the ram they got back from RMA? Or have they totally given up on crucial?
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