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  1. Well considering the new news from Anantech site, I will be holding off on my purchase until January. Apparently he is already testing the new R580 Crossfire mobo and he loves the results. Thanks for the advise fellas and stay cool.
  2. I will be selling my current rig to a new client as their application server for his office. So I would like to begin purchasing components as soon as possible. I have made up my mind and decided to go with the X1800XT and I do want to do that in an SLi mode. (Purchase the master cards whenever they bloody come out ) In any case I would like to get a crossfire mobo now, instead of plunking down another 100.00 bucs on a NForce 4 mobo until a stable crossfire unit comes out. I have read up on HARD OCP articles and some other forums, has DFI done anything recently to acknowledge the problem?
  3. Hey Fellas, First thanks for having these forums and they have been a real help lately. I am getting ready to build a new rig next week and going over my parts list. I would like to get DFI's Crossfire mobo, but all I have read is problems galore. Is it wise to purchase this board now, or should I pick up another mobo until several items get resolved?
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