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  1. 1. Breaker box is fine. 2. Straight to the wall for me. 3. Did a fresh PSU install last night, so I guess that knocks that one out. 4. Will do an 8 hours clear while at work. More to come... 5. TBA
  2. I play a mean Message in a Bottle on Expert for the bass part in co-op. Other than that, I always squeak by with 3 stars on Medium. I'm not that good even though I love the game.
  3. Ok so this past thursday, I try to turn on my computer and when I press the button the leds on my fan briefly turn on and then it turns off again. Ok so I went to trying to short the PSU. No luck. I then proceed to buy a brand new Thermaltake PSU that I know will work for sure only to get the same problem. When I hit the power button, everything gets power for a split second then it goes out. I hear this funny noise coming from the PSU leading me to believe that it may be shorting and turning itself off to save damage. Any have any insight on what it might be? Everything was running fine until one night I had a power outtage, and decided that since it was late I would go to sleep. I'm thinking that maybe it might have damage my mobo somehow. Any thoughts on what I should do?
  4. I'm scared that the BT will either crack the PCB during lan party transit. I've also heard that the BT sounds like well... a big typhoon...
  5. As i'm looking for new heatsinks to stick onto the 3700 that I plan to buy I keep running into a nasty wall. Where should I divide the line between weight and performance. I go to Lan parties maybe 4 times a year and I was hoping that someone here would like to help me find a good HSF that is also not too hard on the PCB.
  6. I don't do any overclocking (yet) so I don't think that will be a problem with me. Do you agree?
  7. Would my system be in any way shape or form hindered if I were to move my memory from slots 1 and 3 to slots 2 and 4 to make room for my HSF? If I can't move my memory, any suggestions on what to do?
  8. Yeah i've decided to go with the Zalman, and yes I did understand what he meant by turning it on its side. But thanks just in case I hadn't figured it out.
  9. Lay it on its side? That can be done. Thanks for the info.
  10. Ok good. My friend really scared me when he said tower coolers are a bad idea for someone who moves the computer (which is me) and that I could snap the bracket and ruin other parts should it happen. I'm currently stuck between Zalman Thermaltake Evercool So far i'm kind of leaning to the Thermaltake Mini Typhoon, but i'm open to suggestions.
  11. I'm looking into buying a tower HSF for my new cpu that I will be ordering in time for my next lan party, and I was wondering, should I be scared of the the retention bracket breaking off from the HSF having a relativly high center of gravity during the car trip to and from a lan party?
  12. I've done some reading up on doing this, and i'm still confused. I'm sure someone has done this and knows what to do. Can anyone help me get my PS2 setup to work through my monitor instead of my TV? Also, do the S/PDIF ports on my mobo have anything to do with this? Any help is appreciated.
  13. No no, just for reference I want to know where in the BIOS exactly the option to up the CPU. Because I look in where it should be or at least where I think it should be and I don't see any options to change the CPU clock timings. I'm not planning on OC'ing becasue with my luck the thing will burn out, I just would like to know for reference.
  14. I've throughly looked around through my BIOS and I can't seem to find the option that lets me OC. Anyone got any pics or a guide that can help me find this lost treasure? Do I need to update BIOS? (running BIOS vers that came straight out of the box, havn't had problems or a reason to update so I havn't)
  15. So if I get an "A" list PSU it should work?
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