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  1. Thanks for your input. If you couldn't already tell, I have been reading reviews like none other. Also, included weight in my factors. the Tuniq weight almost twice than the Zalman. Should I be concerned at all since the Zalman is pretty heavy already?
  2. Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while but im starting to get into it again. I'm upgrading my cooler from stock and need help deciding which one to pick. Budget isn't that big of an issue for me cause I'd rather pay for better cooling. My decision have come down to the Zalman CNPS9500-$47, 9700-$50, or Tuniq Tower-$55. Now, I DO know the Tuniq is Better! BUT, I have heard people having to lap it smooth. Also, I'm concerned about its pure weight(965g w/with fan)! Zalman's is [email protected] and [email protected] Also, sound is a factor. I want something good and quiet. I heard Zalmans are VERY quiet but if i went with the Tuniq I would replace the stock fan for a better and quieter fan. I have a DFI Lanparty Ultra-D, Opteron 144 and I do mild overclocking. I have a nice case(Silverstone TJ04) which has 2 120 fans (1 front and 1 back) I do believe I can fit a 120mm CPU fan in there. I was leaning toward the Zalman CNPS9500 as style is a minor concern for me. I like the look and LEDs(I know I know tsk tsk me.) Its lesser weight also comforts me too. Also, I plan to replace the stock 120mm Silverstone case fans. What are the Best ones that are quiet? THANKS A BUNCH GUYS!
  3. Yeah, I have concidered that one intently. But the theme I am modding with just cant have the power switch to one side. or else I would have already jumped on that case. the Super-Flower one would be PERFECT.. but I can deal with similiar. The Xpcgear one is 1.0 aluminum but I need two fans in the front. Blast it! BTW: thanks for the help guys. Keep on looking
  4. Im looking for something that I can mod. pre-mod windows and Mesh are a no no. Thanks for your suggestion though. Anyone have links to good sites that sell cases? I have already tried xoxide, newegg, xpcgear, directron. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Any other help? I'm pretty set on this case. I just need a place to buy it online or in the USA. I I know that the SuperFlower name has been sold under various names in the US. So if you know what other names I could search for this case. would appreciate any help anyone could give me. Or any other ideas for identical cases?
  6. Hey, I have decided that I need a new case for my nice rig. I have searched for weeks. I have found the absolutly perfect case but cannot find it anywhere. Help would be greatly appreciated. Super Flower SF-402. Link: http://www.super-flower.com/sf402s.html It's an Aluminum case, and very nice and sturdy, and has the right amount of bays. I am looking for all the bays on the front, center, and no Bezel, no window. My other consideration was the Xpcgear Aluminum case they had (http://www.xpcgear.com/aluminum.html) but you usually get what you pay for and it looks cheap. Lian-Li's are too expensive and I will be modding it, don't want to pay 100+ to cut it up.So if any of you could help me find this or offer another great aluminum case, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, I finally have my computer built and I am VERY happy with it. Now, its time for some overclocking. I have read all the stickys about OC and what others have did. I have to say, I'm stoked about OCing my own... I just would like some help. Burning out my new computer would be a big downer for me, (who wouldn't be?) Anyways, can someone with generally the same Rig or a Uber OCer offer me some advice. Again, I have read the OC guide thousands of times, just would like personal help before I start. Thanks again!
  8. Looks like you are building the exact same Rig I did. I made the same decision as you, I havent overclocked yet but plan too in a month or so. I've had mine for about half a week now Your prices could use some work though, look around some more. ZZF and Newegg are your best friends. For the video card, go XFX or Evga. Known to be good brands with AWSOME warranty and customer service. Any more questions, please feel free to ask. Good luck!
  9. Well, I'm glad the majority of people are still honest. Its nice to hear. Well, Happy New Year guys. I hope we all stay honest so companies will continue to provide excellent service (Like XFX )
  10. Yes Angry, if you didn't notice me saying that already. Just double checking, there is no way to charge me if they wanted to, right? But I'll be calling them monday/tuesday. They helped me out and I'm an honest person
  11. Hey, I had a question: Would it be possibly to keep a free product that a company sent you for your RMA but haven't sent yours back yet? *I KNOW THIS IS WRONG AND I AM NOT DOING THIS. IT HURTS THE COMPANY AND OTHERS WILL SUFFER* just had my courisity going. :angel: I got a Video Card replacement from XFX during the 7800GT Fiasco and haven't recieved my Shipping label for my RMA though, (I'm going to call them back). Say I never shipped my video card back, is there any way they could charge me considering they don't have any of my credit information? In a way, that would mean a free video card wouldn't it?
  12. Hey, I can vouch for those 2, since I have them! I have to say, im very impressed with the Fortron bluestorm. I didn't feel like shelling out 100+ for a psu so I got this for 80. Just installed it yesterday. VERY VERY happy with it. Organized wires, VERY quiet (silent), and plenty of connections. The only think I don't like about it is the color, it might match your color scheme but if not, theres nothing you can do about it. Oh yeah, just keep in mind its truly rated at 460w, not the 500 they advertise. The OCZ Plat. Rev. 2 are very nice. Heatsink, awsome timings, and unbeatable Customer Service. Also, I haven't OCed em yet but I hear they OC VERY well. Fortron Bluestorm 500w - $80 shipped (ewiz) OCZ Plat Rev. 2 - $145 after MIR (newegg)
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