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  1. Here are the Components Asus M2NPV-VM motherboard 1Gb DDR2 553Mhz Ram Dvico Dual Digital TV Tuner Card 1xPioneer DVD-rw 1x250Gb WD SATA2 HDD Antec NSK2400 HTPC Case with PSU (spray painted the front black) Asus SPDIF coaxial/optical Output Module Hitachi 42PD8900 42" Plasma 1024x1080i Panel Sony Dolby Digital 5.1 Receiver Richter Floor Standing Speakers It has been a bumpy ride along the way getting this thing set up properly.
  2. MotherBoard AMD AM2 S940 ASUS M2NPV-VM http://au.asus.com/products4.aspx?modelmen...3&l2=101&l3=296 AMD CPU/Processor AM2 Athlon 64x2 Dual Core 3600+ (Low voltage) Antec NSK2400 Case + PSU http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=92400 WD 250 Gb SATA2 HDD 1Gb DDR2 533 Mhz Ram Pioneer DVD-RW Dvico Dual Digital Tuner http://www.fusionhdtv.co.kr/ENG/Products/DualDigital.aspx using Fusion 3.6Beta Drivers Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (MCE) I am still waiting for the Antec Case to come into stock with my local supplier before I can assemble this. The Display that I will be connecting it to is a Hitachi 42PD8900 " World's First HD1080 42V Plasma TV 42V Plasma TV with Built-In TV Tuner and Side Speakers High Definition 1,024 x 1,080 Pixels ALIS Plasma Panel 1400cd/m2 Brightness Panel Luminance 4,000:1 High Contrast Ratio Multi Picture Function Twin HDMI Input Direct USB Photo Input & SD Card Slot " Once I have it all setup I will post back with pictures and more information
  3. problem solved i uninstalled nvidia drivers in safe mode and reinstalled latest nvidia drivers in safe mode and rebooted. now i can enable sli.... all good
  4. will the pc boot if i set the bios setting to "8-4-NC-8" with one card in slot 1 only and slot 2 empty? bearing in mind sli apeture is set to auto
  5. no both cards were installed when i did the format and then clean install. why do you think it will make a difference if i install with one card and then install the other card after windows is up and running?
  6. are those sli capable drivers? no i havent tried them yet
  7. ya have tried swapping connections to the other 4 ports and still nothing, it's really . me off, how can it go from working to not working with exactly the same bios settings as before.
  8. Hiya I have run into a problem, I have reformatted my hard drive, installed chipset drivers, install 93.71 drivers, however the nvidia control panel is not recognising that i have two card installed they are both 7800gt's I have previously had these card working together in sli fine before i formatted. After doing clean install and loading the exact same BIOS setting that i used before with sli enabled, when windows boots it gets to a point where the monitor switches off before the desktop is displayed, it's like it has gone into standby mode and i cant wake it up. The green lights turn amber and i cant wake it up. Not sure if the pc is hanging or if the monitor is switching off. Anyone got any ideas on what i should do? http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/6415/4ci2.jpg http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/278/5fw3.jpg http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/2927/6mp7.jpg http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4955/7yk1.jpg i have changed cards around and put them in the other slot and then enabled the SLI Broadcast Apeture to Auto and then set the pci xpress config to "8-4-NC-8" when i do this, the same thing occurs, windows begins to boot, i get the window xp icon and the bar that moves across at the bottom, then the monitor switches off, the green light goes from green to amber. can't switch back on either still have no idea on this one can boot into safe mode with bios settings as need to enable sli however that is no good to me. as i remember when you open up the nvidia control panel and click on monitor temps you can switch between both graphics cards however i can only monitor the temp on one card oh and i need to update my sig too those bios screen shots are for the config as in sig
  9. you need to find the maximum your cpu can do. run your ram on a divider so ram is taken out of the equation then find the maximum for your ram. run you cpu at a lower multiplier to take that out of the equation then once you know the maximum for both of these it should be apparant to you what settings you need to run at. remember cpu mhz is the king.
  10. My brother wants a new comp. My recommendation to him is to buy the AMD 3600+ x2 and overclock it. I think the 7900GS 512Mb is the best bang for buck GPU at the moment. Your thoughts would be appreciated. GEIL PC2-5300 667MHz DDR2 http://www.geilusa.com/proddetail.asp?linenumber=52 INFINITY NF ULTRAII-M2 http://www.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_s...NFINITY&SITE=US Do you think the geil ram link above will be ok with the motherboard link above? I plan on overclocking the AMD 3600+ x2 AM2 CPU
  11. i solved my little problem. there is a PME jumper on the HDTV tuner card. however there was no jumper plug on the card. this had to be obviously set to PME. now that i installed the jumper plug it works all good now. can use pc as personal video recorder now and set it to record my favourite tv shows and then shut my pc down automatically without me having to do it. now i can watch my favourite tv shows in full HD on my Dell 24" widescreen monitor... yipee
  12. doesn't appear to be working with WOL enabled. there must be something else i need to do to get this operating. should there be a jumper that i need to enable or something to get this to work?
  13. Hi guys, I have a DFI-Expert board and I have installed the HDTV Divco Fusion Dual Digital Tuner Card into my machine. http://www.fusionhdtv.co.kr/Eng/Support/FA...ID=10&SCATID=55 I am trying to enable to Wake on PCI function so I can set my PC to turn on and off to record programs that I want to watch. However in the BIOS I cant find a Wake on PCI funtion anywhere. Is there something else in the BIOS that I should be looking for. Thanks for your help... If you can help please do.
  14. how accurate is this program, because I am showing a huge variation between this one and mbm5. http://img346.imageshack.us/img346/4238/temp5lc.jpg http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/3137/tempsuperpi0gv.jpg do you think temps of 60c-62c is too hot if this is correct temp reading for cpu cores?
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