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  1. As for me, I ran memtest, memtest test 5, prime95 and 3Dmark01 with not problems. A poster suggested I raise my ram voltage to 2.8 (I was getting lockups in addition to the BSoD) and that fixed the lockups, and I have had no blue screens thus far. It may have fixed the problem, but only time will tell I suppose.
  2. Ive run memtest for at least 10 loops...no errors. I will need to run #5, prime95, and 3dmark. Thanks
  3. The latest nVidia display drivers..88.91 I think. Note that my MB is acting up. I cant connect my CPU fan directly to the 3-pin fan header otherwise the fan stops or turns on and off... (and I have disabled making the an stop in the bios). ...Didnt realize my fan was stipping and almost fried my CPU. I found a molex adapter and connected the fan to my PSU and it works fine. It may be too late for me to RMA the board...but then again the problem seems small as long as I use to molex connector. I could try losening up my RAM timings?
  4. Occasionally getting a BSoD telling me the problem was with the nv4_disp.dll driver. I think this may have to do with the video card. I have the latest drivers and I am not OCing any. I monitor the heat and the GPU is not going higher than 54C when using a game. *RESOLVED*
  5. The Gskill is rated up to 2.75..Would it hurt the ram? What timings were you using? Thanks
  6. The thread you provided is a thread on a Sig/Avatar contest.
  7. Not yet...Do I have to search the OC forums for that particular memory? I really am not experienced when it comes to RAM timings so I dont really know what to look for.. Im running OCCT and prime95 now... Thanks
  8. I recently installed new RAM and got rid of my Kingston HyperX that was causing me BSoDs and program crashes to Windows... The new RAM is 2x1GB G.Skill PC3200 (2-3-2-5) http://www.newegg.com/Product.....2E16820231032 With this RAM I am not getting the frequent BSoDs or program crashes to Windows, however I am getting system lock ups (must reboot) in the middle of using programs and games. The program or game will freeze and the sound (if any) will squeel, and I have to reboot (can go into Windows). I don't know if this an improvement over the Kingston...It seems to me like system instability due to DRAM settings... I ran Memtest for 5 hours while I sept last night and it came up with no errors after running through 9 full tests... I tried loosening up my RAM timings from 2-3-2-5 to 2.5-3-3-8 which is currently at 1T (See below). Still getting the crashes... Would switching the RAM to the Yellow slots possibly work? Here are my current DRAM settings and CPU/DRAM voltages...I have also attached a CPU-z log file...Any suggestions? Should I loosen my timings more? Any help is appreciated. I am not OCing anything. VOLTAGES: CPU VID Startup: 1.35v CPU VID Control: 1.35v CPU VID Special Control: Auto LDT Voltage: 1.2v Chipset Voltage: 1.5v DRAM: 2.60v DRAM Frequency: 200 (1:1) CPC: Auto Tcl: 2.5 Trcd: 3 Tras: 8 Trp: 3 Row Cycle (Trc): 7 Row Refresh (Trfc): Auto Trrcl: 2 Twr: 2 Twtr: 2 Trwt: 2 TrefL 3120 Twcl: Auto
  9. Though...I have heard that those G.Skill have problems running at 200MHz (which is what I would be running at I think, not OCing) Werent they made to run at 250?.
  10. From what I have read (and if you look on the Stickies) Kingston, Particularly the Kinston HyperX I have, has had issue with the DFI LanParty. I am definitely still having issues with my current RAM, even after loosening the timing to multiple settings. I still get BSoDs (memory, page file errors). I know the memory works fine (worked on my ASUS A8V before I upgraded) and Ive run Memtest several times. Try looking around the the forums, youll see many people have has issues with Kingston.
  11. Great thanks... I have some people saying I wont notice a huge difference at this point...But I am thinking that it would be nice to have, esp for some of the new releases coming out and whatnot...
  12. I'm not an OCer and I only plan to be using my rig for gaming...I dont run any other memory intensive programs. I need to replace my incompatable Kingston RAM. I am wondering if it would be worth it to spend the extra cash on 2x1GB or just go with another nice pair of 2X512?
  13. Yep the 3400+ Newcastle core is 939. Is was one of the first 3400+ cores that have since been discontinued. I can attach my CPU-z readout if you would like... What is the advantage to 2X1GB as opposed to 4X512?
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