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  1. Title says it all. Brand new build with absolutley no problems and no overclock. When i get to windows, in the system tray i see the remove hardware icon (like you get with USB drives plugged in) and i open it up and it's my c and d drive (one physical drive partitioned)... LOL Not really an issue, but i just wondered it this happens to anyone else? If i try to stop the hardware i get a cannot stop this hardware error. Prob becuase those drives are my OS and Program partitions. I have the drive on the nVidia Sata controller, no raid just one drive. Any ideas? See sig for specific hardware details. Thanks!
  2. I am running currently, no OC, idle 37-38c, and after 6 hours prime95 torture test 40c, never crested 40c, immediatly after test, the temps went back to 38-37c.
  3. now i see what you are talking about.... the cad files that we work with at work are very small and non-complex, ie small cases and assemblies for industrial ultrasound, mounting brackets and transducer cases. this makes sense and now i see that you could mose def use all your ram.. sorry i doubted... :angel:
  4. do you beleve everything a salesman tells you??? http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854 go there and follow the DFI recommended list. these people WORK FULL TIME for your mobo manufacturer. if you can't trust them then who can you trust??? you don't have to listen to them but you'll not get much help if you aren't meeting the requirments. just my 2 cents.
  5. in my signature are the links to the things i'm talking about.
  6. buy a new power supply. minimum recommend is 500w
  7. do you have your sli jumpers set correctly? try one card, with sli enabled, turn on boot into windows. next shut down, install the other card and boot again. See what happens
  8. have you checked yoru sli jumpers??? are they in the lower or the upper position? they must be in the right posistion or your sli will never work not matter what you do.
  9. I have and sli-dr with the saem debug header. this header is used to conect the front-x diagnostic led. It's on page 8 of the features manual, not the users manual. :cool:
  10. Great glad to hear you got it taken care of.
  11. there is a recommended RAM list and CORSAIR is NOT on it.. in fact it is on the NOT recommend list...
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