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  1. tea_cooler

    What Browser do you use?

    Firefox 2.0
  2. tea_cooler

    Favorite Hard Drive Manufacturer?

    WD it is. Cheap, cool and never had problem so far
  3. tea_cooler

    How many DFI-based computers have you built?

    this is my 1st time using dfi mobo. will have another one when get more money.
  4. tea_cooler

    What resolution is your desktop normally at?

    1280 x 1024 on Sony SDM73
  5. I got same problem too when I first time using SATA drives. The FSB always stays 325MHz and the command rate always 2T. This problem solved when I pull out sata data cables and power and also the cmos batteries.
  6. tea_cooler

    NF3 Ultra-D 939/AGP

    Ya, this board temp sensor is bad. It's fluktuative from 9C to 39C then back again to 9C ...
  7. so, the temp measure still the same like 11/07?
  8. hey guys, how good is temp sensor on this board ? Mine shows very fluktuative. From 20C suddenly goes to 32C then 39C. I use watercooling and there's no difference temp while using Zalman 7000B Cu ( when system o'clocked or not ). I want go higher than current ( 2.4 ).
  9. tea_cooler

    fan for chipset

    Ok thanks. Is there other alternative ? I live in a small town and can't find Sunon fan.
  10. what kind of model to replace chipset fan or hsf that fits for nf3? Mine is stop working. Is it ok to run it without fan?