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  1. i have to run my ram in yellow slots because it doesnt boot if i put it in orange.. some guy told me i 'zapped' my memory slot with static electricity
  2. the scythe ninja was reviewed at silentpcreview.com and came out on top of all thermalright's offerings and zalmans.
  3. im warning people that this ram sucks for overclocking, even if you want 3 stinking mhz out of it
  4. I need to run these things at 203 mhz on a 9/10 divider while my fsb is 240. For a 3 mhz overclock i need to boost the voltage to 2.8 and run the timings at 3-3-3-6 (original 2-3-2-5) for stability in windows for more than 10 minutes. Ridiculous. It has absolutely no overclockability, at least mine don't.
  5. uncapping is the only thing i know you can do, but its a stupid idea in my opinion
  6. HOLY CRAP that was it! why the hell is it throttling my cpu if i have fine temps? LOL ive been trying to figure it out for a while.. i always thought it was my ram
  7. So I play BF2 at 2.2 ghz, everything is smooth as butter. I play at 2.64 ghz, its constantly 25fps dipping down to 10's often. I put it somewhere in between and it stutters down to 20 fps constantly. What could possibly be a reason, any reason, why this might be happening.. its like magical
  8. i remember all these dudes at hardocp going on the fritz and looking up all this useless crap after they found out that the compound uses barium or something... which dissolves aluminum.. i dont know if they were just paranoid or w/e
  9. ive used that program and it doesnt help at all.. it shows a choice for 183 mhz.. but there is nothing like that on the bios... the closest is 180mhz which is the 9/10 divider that gives me bsod nm i think i have it working
  10. also ive noticed for some reason, the more i overclock away from stock 2.2 ghz, the more choppy bf2 behaves, its like the choppiness that someone would experience if they didnt have 2gb ram and ran high settings.. but i HAVE 2gb ram.. wtf....
  11. i know that when my fsb is 240 and my multiplier is x10, the 5/6 divider makes the ram run at 200, but i dont understand how the multiplier fits into the equation
  12. i've read THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE of overclocking but i still dont understand why this is happening i have my fsb as 240 and my multiplier as auto (x11) and then my memory, which i heard doesnt overclock well, is on a 5/6 divider. why does cpu-z report my ram frequency as 188.6 mhz when 240 x (5/6) is supposed to be 200 mhz ? I know there is some concept i am missing but i seriously cant figure out what it is on my own.. i tried the 9/10 divider, but that gave me a blue screen.. so im guessing the frequency was too high for the selected timings....
  13. but is it possible for the stolen electricity to decrease the performance of the cpu... ive always thought that if a cpu doesnt get enough voltage it would just crash
  14. I noticed that, after installing 3 yate loon fans onto the motherboard headers, the fps in my games were all crappy.. im talking like 10 fps slowdowns in BF2 max at 1280x960. I just now unplugged them and put them on the psu lines and i think my fps is back.. is the fans on the motherboard a possible reason for the slowdown or am i just imagining things?
  15. I add these new fans into my case, a new vc-re onto my chipset, reapply thermal paste to gpu. I overclock from stock 2.2 to 2.5 stable (227x11). I run 3dmark and in the details cpu mark shows 2000 points slower. it was 6175 when i first slapped together my computer and started it. now its 4274. i dont understand how this can be possible. Cool n' quiet and all that crap is disabled. I might consider the fact that i have 2 120mm fans connected to the motherboard headers. Also my ram is running on a 9/10 divider which means its supposed to be 204.3 mhz, but cpuz says its 192.1 mhz
  16. i got the vc-re, i dont know if mines defective or not.. but its noisy as hell.. makes clicking noises like mad. the maglev in the dfi fan was much much quieter
  17. my 4400+ runs at 33-34 idle with coolnquiet and around 44 load
  18. a bunch of people on these forums are all paranoid about fans drawing too much power from the mobo and stealing from cpu/ram/important stuff. I bet they are all just speculating since i doubt there are any real recorded accounts of problems due to that
  19. i swear i think im doing something wrong, i have perfect airflow and i idle at 35 and 45 at load im even using a ninja
  20. im pretty sure that all the 7800 cards still use the same pcb and reference cooler
  21. ummmmm those would be two different cards im pretty sure
  22. if its supposed to do 2-2-2-5 at DDR333, then its probably not going to stay that tight at DDR400, lol
  23. how are you managing to get such low temps on air cooling with a 7700 cu
  24. right now there is no reason you would want to get an X2, other than to get the moderator's official support on dfi-street
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