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  1. "Do you get any checksum errors during bootup?" nope. "Are you certain it's an authentic 3200+?" positive, bought around 18 months ago from a very reputable company named Aria. "It sounds like you may have a locked multiplier locked CPU" no, sorry, like i mentioned in a previous post 'i've had this chip running sweet at it's expected 2.2ghz speed before'. "CPU with an x11 multiplier, CPU clock at 200MHz, DDR DRAM Clock 1:1, CPU voltage set to Auto." just tried it, but no changes. "any previous cpu you ran did that allow you to change settings in the bios" yeah, this one! i used to be able to do whatever with it (not that i played around a lot, just pointing out it used to be OK) i tried downloading the latest BIOS from the DFI website, the "LPNF2UBDB24" and used Winflash 1.76 to apply it...all went smoothly, but upon reboot, it would'nt POST. did the insert key switch on trick and got it too boot, but now it'll ONLY boot that way, recognizes the chip as a 1100 and winflash won't re-apply the original bios i backed up. when i load up the bios, winflash reads 'checksum de99h' on the left and if i try to do the update it fails saying erase flash block failure??? any more info needed let me know and i'll try to provide.... p.s. thanks for your time so far peoples.
  2. first off i should mention that i've had this chip running sweet at it's expected 2.2ghz speed before before, so it's not like it's locked or anything. the fsb & multiplier is a strange thing, no matter what i set it too (eg, 205 x 10 for example) and then reboot, the cpu still reads as a 1900 at a stock 1.4ghz speed, FSB and multiplier 133.6 x 11 (bus 267.3). CPUz reads this info, despite my bios being set to something COMPLETELY different, i.e. the 205/10 mentioned above. by CPUid, do you mean CPUz from CPUid.com? if so then here's a screenshot: http://img104.imageshack.us/my.php?image=untitled13if.jpg if you mean something else, then could you explain to me??? thanks.
  3. hey peeps got some bother with my barton 3200 reading as a 1900???? no matter what i seem to do, any suggestions? OR PREFERABLY: where do i get a new 2500 mobile for a reasonable price, like upto £65 or so delivered........unless i'm being naively cheap-butt