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  1. rahtid

    Custom Sig Requests + Sig discussion

    can anyone help me with settin up my sig?
  2. does anyone know if the latest bios would help in getting my 4800x2 past 2.77ghz
  3. rahtid

    OC problem

    what happened at these new settings, and what is the divider on your mem 1:1 etc.. also you need to put your complete signature
  4. rahtid

    Prime 95 Old?

    i'm running at 2160 htt (thanks for the correction) and was just wondering, if i could expect any problem. none so far
  5. rahtid

    Prime 95 Old?

    if you don't want to run prime just try 3dmark06. but prime will really let you know how stable you are
  6. rahtid

    evga 7900 gtx 512 mb.

    on 3dmark 05 my one card scored almost identicaly to a friends 6800gt in sli
  7. rahtid

    Prime 95 Old?

    does any one know if having the fsb over 2000 will affect stabilty
  8. rahtid

    OC problem

    cujo your oc is just to high. if prime freezes or gives any error that means your oc is not stable
  9. lol i know did'nt pay much attention in english class
  10. rahtid

    X2 REMOVE THE IHS! then O/C :-)

    don't know but i got a amd 3000 ready for the dumpster i removed the ihs now i'm pretty sure the chip is dead i put it back in and nothing happens just dead even after replacing the ihs
  11. in my case i tried the zalman 7000 and 9500 for the price the 7000 was clearly a better deal. but don't know how much the xp90 cost and never tried it must be good cause alot of people use it
  12. i think you should spread a very thin layer instead of just globing it in the center because, after there is less a chance your hs is seated totally flat and making good contact just my opinion also you're going to want a very thin layer with as5 its like .001"
  13. if you have a 24 pin connector you have no use for the 8 pin connector unless your psu did'nt come with the 4 pin connector
  14. only the 6800 and 7800 use the 8pin for power
  15. all heatsink fans blow down