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  1. I have put the setting to my mobo as said in the guide almost. I can boot and run my Opteron 165 stable with 300x9 and memdivider so they run in 190MHz But when I try 320x8 and memdivider so they will run about 190-200 it wont boot.. How can i do to get higher FSB?
  2. Hmm, maybe should buy a new psu then.. What do you think of the Cooltek 600W 4 Rails with 20A, 44A Max at 12V. And, is it safe for the future you think? Or should i buy another psu with even more power? Don't think i will upgrade my computer for a year.. So, maybe buy a new then also? Also, about ony going with one rail? Would that be better with many harddrives? EDIT: Also, another question. What bios should i upgrade to? Think my is a little old one.. I will take out my disks and do some more overclocking, so, a bios good for overclocking and stable so i can use it when going back to a little lover clocks.
  3. @boywander: I have putted the 2x512MB out now and only using 2x1024 sticks.. Yeah, use all the storage @Brother Esau: Still don't think it's the PSU since i have measured it.. And also, heard from a guy having 21 disks on a 520W psu. I think it still can be the pci bus that can't handle that many drives, since i have no problem with two plugged out. @caffeinejunkie: No, i had a real ampere measurer.. Also measured the 12V line under load to see it was stable, all time at 11.92V. @ISSA2000: Thanks alot for your answers =) But, how come i should have only one rail psu instaed of a two rail? Isn't the two rail better? Or, have wathched Cooltek 600W, with 4 rails..
  4. Thanks alot for that answer ISSA2000. Will try it all as soon as i can. I don't think it's my psu, measured it yesterday and it wasn't even near 24A for my system. However, there's one thing i wonder about, those ones: dont use the nforece ide drives (they cause random lockups) use the ms one (if you put the nfdrivers on (FOR IDE ONL) USE -UPDATE CONTROLLER TYPE TO PCI IDE TYPE.... 3. NFORECE DRIVERS ARE OK - BUT FOR THE IDE PART (UPDATE DRIVERS TO PCI IDE GENERIC DRIVERS). Is it the same you mean? The SW-IDE i driver i should say no to when installing the nforce chipset drivers? EDIT: When i install the nforce drivers, should i i have the ide/storage or what it say marked in the beginning? (where you can choose network, sound and so on..)
  5. Are you sure about that? Caus' i have runned it for a year now.. However, just found out some more solutions maybe.. I only have a 20 pin connector on my PSU, does it make big difference? And also, i have installed the SW-IDE thing when i installed the mainboard drivers.. But still can't see how those things could be the problem since it works pretty fine with 7 of the 9 drives plugged in.. EDIT: Also, which is a good new bios i should use?
  6. First, my system: PSU Antec True Power 550W, probably old one, has the following specs: +3,3V - 32A +5V- 40A +12V - 24A Motherboard DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D Processor Opteron 146 @ 2900MHz (290x10), 1,44V Mem 1 2x512MB Kingston DDR ram Mem 2 2x1024MB TwinMOS DDR Ram Graphic Sapphire Radeon X800GTO² @ X850 XT Controller card Promes Promes Ultra 100TX2 (On a PCI slot). Harddrives - IDE 60GB WD 120GB WD 2x200GB WD @ The Controller card 320GB WD @ The Controller card Hard drives - sata 80GB Samsung - System disk 200GB WD 250GB WD 320GB WD Other stuff 1 fan controller 5x92mm fans 2x120mm fans Usb mouse and keyboard. And so, my problem: When i have all the drives plugged in there is someone who restarts and the whole computer freezes for a second, sometimes restarts. And then it's good, but it has also been several restarts of the same hdd after each other. I have tested all my WD drives in the WD Diagnostic tool from the Ultimate Boot CD, i ran Extended test on all of them without any error. However, one of them were doing that restart thing just before and after the test. But showed no error. If i do the analyze in O&O Defrag on all of the disk at the same time it always happen, but, if i uplug 2 disks the system runs very fine, doesn't matter which disks. And also, there are not a single disk that do this restart thing, think almost everyone of them has done it at least on time. So, now i wonder what it can be? Caus' i have no idea at all. I've heard from another guy that it might be the PCI buss that can't handle 9 disks at the same time? Also, i have the latest, 6.86 nvidia drivers but a bios version from 07/06/2005
  7. I've just bougt a couple of Zalman Theatre 6 surround headset. But, i'm having some problems with 'em. First i plugged it in as it said in the manual for the headset, center in center, rear in rear, and front in side? Don't know why it say side.. Well, it didn't work as it should, the volume was very low and after a while i found out i didn't get any sound out from the front input. So, i tested to plug it in to the normal audio line out and then it worked, but i have normal volume from that, but still very low from rear and center. I have the latest audiodrivers (from dfi.com). Anyone knows how i can fix this?
  8. I installed my computer today (sign) with Windows and a little other stuff. When i tryed to do a 3dmark05 run it hanged up after all the graphics test, so i pushed the restart button and then the bootup didn't work as it should, and it still does look like this: First it stops after printed "nForce4 Ultra" and stays there for like 3-5 seconds. After that this comes up: Primary IDE Master: _NEC_..... (the burner) Primary IDE Slave: None Secondary IDE Master: None Secondary IDE Slave: None Internal Phy SATA 3: None Internal Phy SATA 4: None Detecting IDE drives... And then it stops here. The led to the left is the only one lighting also. I have tried with clear cmos (which resulted that i got the DFI boot logo back), changing PCI-e place, change place of rams, tested with one ram. I pushed delete and after some minutes the BIOS config showed up. Anyone who has any idea on what to do?
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